Monday, December 31, 2012

January 2013 Get It Done

Happy New Year to all my blogger friends.  May you have many days spent  sewing, sharing and laughing with friends and that you enjoy good health and happiness throughout the year.

In addition to my earlier posting of goals for 2013, here is a bit more about Judy Laquidara's new idea to take the place of the UFO Challenge of last year. The new game is called  
GETTING IT DONE.  We list 4 things that we hope to accomplish in that particular month.  On the last day of the month, we link up and show what we accomplished and list 4 more for the upcoming month. Come join us and see how much you can accomplish by taking smaller steps to your goals each month.  If you want to have fun along with us, click the link here.  Here's my first month.

  1. 1. Cut the sashings and cornerstones for Joan's Stars

  1. 2. Complete Step #7 and any future steps for Easy Street

  1. 3. Make 10 string blocks

  1. 4. Quilt one QOV quilt

What are you planning to work on in January??  Stop on by Judy's to see what others are planning to do in January.

Farewell 2012 -- Hello 2013

Well, this was a very interesting year and it flew by quickly.  I learned some new computer skills, started a blog, finished lots of quilts for others, met new friends and did a bunch of sewing on projects to move them closer to being finished in 2013.  I'm looking forward to the new year.  I still have lots to get done and places to see and people to meet.  I set a few goals at the beginning of 2012 to help keep me focused on some particular areas. I did well on some, others not too bad and some pitifully poor.  Here's a recap of where I ended for the year.
  1. Read 12 books or 1 a month - yes - read 14
  2. Finish 12 UFOs - bad,bad - I only finished one
  3. Try 12 new recipes - tried 3 - if you count different smoothies I made, that number would be more like 30 or 40!
  4. Quilt or piece 12 Quilts of Valor - 5 quilted, several others ready to quilt, also made over 10 pillowcases for QOV
  5. Use 200 yds of fabric from stash - this was a stretch -  If I had gotten some of my own quilts quilted, that would have taken me over 120 yds.  These WILL be done in 2013 for sure.
  6. Use more fabric than I add to my stash - yes,  Added 45 yds. used 91 yds. not too bad. Could improve.
2013  Goals
  • Stash Busting Challenge  - I'm hoping to use more than 100 yards- maybe 150 yds. this year
  • New FO Challenge - start a new project each month - you don't have to finish any of them!! This should be real easy.  It's what I do best.  That's why I have over 50 UFOs.. (side bar button)
  • Strictly For the Birds - BOM - (side bar button)
  • Get It Done Challenge - 4 mini goals per month
  • Finish 10 or more UFOs
  • Read a book a month
  • Walk 7,000 steps a day

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sitting Pretty on Easy Street & Stash Report

Well, I did it.  I am finally caught up with all 6 Steps of Easy Steet, and am looking forward to the next clue to see if we will get a part of the reveal for this mystery.  Bonnie sure has kept us in the dark.  There are so many ways these units can be put together--wonder what Bonnie is dreaming up for us.
Step 6 - Easy Street
Step 5 - Easy Street

My stash report does not reflect any of the fabric that I've been using and cutting up for Easy Street, so actually more was used than reported.  When the top gets finished, all the yardage for all steps will be calculated. That should make my 2013 used numbers look really good right off the bat!!   The only sewing that counts toward the stash this week is part of a block for Nancy (block exchange group) and 2 pillowcases for charity.  I didn't make the fabric usage goals for 2012; but I did manage to use more than I added--so all-in-all, I'm happy with the results this year on fabric usage.  However, I'm really ashamed of my goals on finishing up some of my many UFOs.  Actually I was a total failure in that department.   Maybe in 2013 I'll concentrate more on those. I need the space all those boxes are occupying!  Yes, 2013 will be the year to get serious about UFOs.

Fabric Used this week - 2.25 yds
Fabric Used in 2012 - 91.19 yds

Fabric Added this week - zero
Fabric Added in 2012 - 45.41 yds

Net Busted for the year - 45.78 yds

Drop on over to Judy's and see the last stash reports of 2012 for everyone else.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gaining Ground on Easy Street - #4

I'm only one clue behind on the Easy Street Mystery from Bonnie Hunter.  Here is Clue#4.  We were to make another 64 flying geese with purple a goose and turquoise wings, then attach them to half of our 128 previous geese- their white winged cousins.  

Well my geese were not behaving too well at first.  I was about to wring their little purple necks!!  It's a good thing Bonnie provides a visual for these steps, She said "purple & turquoise goose on the bottom".  Well I had that, right?? But it didn't match her picture. My geese were heading in the wrong direction looking down at the ground instead of up at the sky.  Maybe they drank too much eggnog at Christmas.

After unsewing and trying not to ruffle their feathers, I turned them around and got them going in the right direction.  Thank goodness there were only a few renegades and not the whole flock!! The greens are cut and waiting for further instructions too.  I ran out of the "proper color" greens, but decided to use what I had even though they are not the perfect suggested shades.  After all, this is a scrap quilt and I wanted to use what was in my scraps and stash.

Now it's on to Step#5 which I need to finish today in order to finally be caught up with the other 200+ mystery goers.  It is getting close to the end, so this will start coming together and we will see what it's going to look like.  I'm certainly glad we are finished with all these flying geese -- at least I hope so.  I didn't much care for them before. I'm more comfortable making them with the Easy Angle and Companion Rulers, but if I don't see one for at least a year, I won't be unhappy!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Easy Street Update and Stash Report

Is everyone ready and waiting for Santa?  All presents bought, wrapped, cookies baked and you are just filling your time leisurely sewing on your projects?  If you said 'yes" to all of these, I'm envious.  I'm not even close to being ready, but I'm still leisurely sewing on Easy Street.  It's a bit addictive I will admit.

Her's my progress so far on Easy Street.  I cut and sewed Clue #3, and have cut half of Clue#4.  Hopefully I'll get #4 finished today and only be one step behind before the next clue is posted.  After Christmas I plan to get all caught up and keep up-to-date! Right, we'll see if that happens.

First part of Clue #3 - making the flying geese units with a purple square in the corner instead of a triangle. (192 pieces to construct 64 of these).

Then trimmed the dog ears of above unit and added the turquoise HST.  Now these puppies are pressed, trimmed and ready for their introduction into the quilt whenever Bonnie tells us.

Now I'm finally moving on to Step 4. I know most everyone is already finished with Step 4 AND Step 5.  Oh well, I'll get there soon.

There was not a lot of movement on the stash this week except the fat quarters I lost in our Christmas fabric game.  We play LRC (left, right, center) during our annual Christmas lunch every year and this year the winner picked up 33 fat quarters -- and it wasn't me.!  So there is nothing to add to my stash (a good thing) and I can deduct 3/4 yd from the 3 fat quarters that I gave up.

Stash Report numbers for the week:

Fabric Added this week - 0
Fabric Added for the year - 45.41 yds.
Fabric used this week - 3 fat quarters
Fabric Used YTD - 88.94 yds

To see other reports on busting stash, check here.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Off and On the Needles

The last time I posted about knitting these scarves here, I was having trouble with the straight needles.  Then I change to the circular ones and they have been wonderful.  It is going so much faster -- if only I had more time.

       <-----Before and  After ----->

This yarn has orange, rusty brown and a bit of grey and these are favorite colors for the friend that is receiving it.
The next one on the needles is teal green, burgandy and soft pink.  I hope to finish it tonight then get back to work on Easy Street mystery quilt.
These are so much fun to do and the colors they have to choose from are limitless.  If you haven't tried one, you should treat yourself.  I'll warn you it's addictive.  

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stash Enhancement Report

Here we are almost at the end of 2012 and my stash is still growing.  This week has been very busy with Christmas parties galore.  First off Monday was a luncheon at the local Olive Garden for the Scraps Group (a group that makes quilts for kids and QOV), then Tuesday was work followed by our big guild party - which was so much fun and was responsible for my stash enhancement figures.  On Wednesday I went to the Blue Owl for the A-Team (applique group).  Their food is delicious and the desserts are their trademark. Thursday, life interrupted the party plan -- dentist, ugh. Friday it was back to partying with the Christmas Chicks.  So you see why it's been quiet on the blog postings.

Here's a peek at what I won at the guild party followed by my numbers for the week.

Added this week - 1.5 yards - won at party
Added YTD - 45.41 yds
Used this week -  worked on Easy Street-not yet counted
Used YTD - 88.19 - same as last week

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stash Report - Week 50 And 2 More Pillowcases

It's a dreary, wet Sunday here and perfect for staying in to sew.  I've been doing quite a lot of sewing this week, but not much that I can count yet.  I'm still working on the Easy Street mystery quilt and making charity pillowcases along with finishing up some customer quilts before Christmas.
My numbers for this week are:
Fabric Added - none
Fabric Added YTD - 43.91 yards
Fabric Used - 1/4 yd for block exchange group
Fabric Used YTD - 88.19 yards

Here are two pillowcases that were finished on last report but not photographed.  One will be added to those I'm making for Childrens' Hospital and one is for QOV.  Ok Sandy, you can add 1 more to my totals.:)
Go to Judy's at Patchwork Times.and take a look at what others did this past week.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy Street - Clues 1 and 2

Well, I finally got started on Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street mystery quilt this week.  The first step was cutting 2" wide strips from black on whites and a grey fabric.  Since I'm using what's already in my stash for most of this quilt, I got busy sorting and came up with enough to do the job.  Here on my drying rack are my black and whites cut and pressed waiting to be made into twosies then into 4 patches.

1st set of 10 four patches
I got carried away as I was sewing them, and ended up with a few more than I need. This isn't a very good picture of my pizza box full of 4-patches.

200 four-patches pinned in groups of 10
Now it's on to Step 2.  Making flying geese units with purples as the goose and black and whites on the wings.  I've got some of those cut, but not sewn yet.  Our next clue is due today! It's most likely already posted.  Oops!  I need to start flying faster with these geese to catch up.   

You can check out everyone's progress on Part 2 here. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stash Enhancement/Busted - Week 49

My fabric addiction finally got the better of me yesterday. I went shop hoppng with a few friends and did some enhancements to my stash.  I had been so good for most of the year, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. It was lots of fun though.  Just wish I could have held off another 4 weeks.
Fabric Added this week:       12. 91 yards
Fabric Added Year-to-Date:  43.91 yards
Fabric Used this week :         2 yards  (pillowcases)
Fabric Used Year-to-date:-    87.94 yards

Here is a peek at some of my new fabrics.

The ones on the top are for charity projects (pillowcases, backings on baby quilts), the reddish/gold batik is for the liturgical quilt and the floral and fat quarters are for Easy Street mystery quilt.  I'm still in the black for the year, but way off the mark for my goals of using more fabric than last year.  Well, there is always next year, right?

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