Monday, November 16, 2015

Stash Report - November 15, 2015

It's been so long since I've posted a Stash Report and I hope you all didn't forget me. The reason was and still is-- computer issues.  But that hasn't kept me from keeping busy with quilting, knitting and retreats.  I recently attended the International Quilt Show in Houston and stopped at many cute and wonderful quilt shops along the way.  Hoping my computer issues get resolved soon, because going to the library takes more time.  Since I'm here again using the library computer,  I'll keep this short with no pictures.

I did breakdown and bought fabric while on the Houston trip, so my perfect "0" in the fabric bought column was broken.  Not by a lot, but I was trying hard to end the year with no purchases at all.  It was fabric needed to finish a quilt, so I hope to have it used before the end of the year.

Since October 4th,  I have added  6.5 yards to the stash  and used  11.58 yards

Fabric report since last posted (10/4/15)
Fabric Used - 11.58 yds
Fabric Added - 6.5 yds
YTD Used  - 114.83 yds
YTD Added -  6.5 yds - 
Net Stash Used - 108.33 yds

Here's hoping things will be fixed soon and I can use my computer from the comfort of my sewing room in my jammies!!

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