Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get It Done - January Results & February Goals

Well, how did I do on my January list of GID goals?   In spite of being out of commission for 2 weeks with a bug, I didn't do too bad.

Here's what I wanted to get done in Jan.
1. Cut sashing and cornerstones for Joan's Stars - didn't get it done
2. Complete Step 7 and Step 8 on Easy Street - made progress, but still need some of both Blocks A (5) & Block B (3) - I did a lot of sewing on this project since I was behind and was playing catch-up.
3. Make 10 string blocks to add to my 70 - finished 5
4. Quilt one QOV quilt - YES, I finished it and even got it bound!  You can see it HERE.

Not a very good showing, huh? but maybe February will be better -- I've got to stay healthy!!

In February my GID goals will be:
1.  Finish blocks for Easy Street and put together the top (UFO).  Picture HERE
2.  Finish binding another QOV (UFO)
3.  Make a set of pillowcases for a gift
4.  Get the Edyta Sitar's Botanical Beauty block all prepped to start appliqueing. Pattern HERE.
5.  Cut sashing & cornerstones for Joan's stars - (UFO)

I do think this challenge has helped me focus on specific projects instead of jumping around from project to project so much.

Stop on by Patchwork Times to see what others have done this month.  I'm also linking up with Carrie at A Passion for Applique for finishing up my UFOs.

New FO Project

Even though I have way too many UFO's to my name, I decided to play along with Barb for her New 2013 FO project challenge.  After all, who doesn't like to start new projects.  You can check out her rules over on my side bar.

So for January, my new project is a Disappearing 9-Patch.  I've been wanting to try one of these for a long time, AND I also want to use up some stash for Judy's challenge, so I thought I'd combine the two ideas.   I found I had lots of this retro plaid/checked tulip fabric in my stash and thought how can I get rid of lots of it FAST.  My first thought was as a backing on a quilt.  But since I didn't have anything that needed red plaid/checked tulips what else would work.  That's how I came up with a NEW project -- make a quilt with blocks in these colors AND use it as the backing too. But into which position to put this "interesting" fabric was the next question.  It's too big of a print to look right in any decent sized block, so cutting it up was the answer.

I tried in in the 4 side positions (to use up more of the fabric faster).  Didn't much like that look, then I tried it as the center square.

I made up a square of each, cut them apart and arranged different settings to see what looked good.

Finally I decided to place it in the middle position and use coordinating colors around it.  Since the colors are red, green, white and dark navy blue, I stuck with fabrics in these colors.  I'm also asking my piecing group to make me blocks using the same focus fabric (which I provided to them).  This will give me a lot of variety in the reds and greens.  I think this last setting may be my choice, but I may change my mind after I get the other blocks to play with.  I'm anxious to see what the blocks look like with scrappy reds and greens and whites.  The only consant will be the center block of tulip fabric that I gave them to start with.  Stay tuned for further development of this January project.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stash Report and First 2013 QOV Finish

Since I started off the year adding to my stash, now I'm on a mission to reverse my stash numbers from being in the red to the black.  I did finish one of my ""Get It Done" items.  This QOV top was donated last year by Cindy L.  I put together a pieced backing and binding and hand finished it this week.  It's quilted on my longarm using the pattern called Alfresco.

                                    Pieced Back using left overs from the front and some from my stash.

  Detail of quilting 

 I also made a scrappy binding for another another QOV quilt, but still have the hand work on the back to finish.

My stash numbers are this week:
Fabric added - 0
Fabric used - 1 yard - for bindings.  Backing was already counted
Fabric YTD added - 18 yds
Fabric YTD used  - 1 yd
Net balance for year - 17 yards in the hole

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting it Done Progress

  1. Back on the first of January, I made my list for Judy's  
Get It Done Challenge.  Here's my progress.   Remember, I still have a few more days left to accomplish them all.    I might just make it-- or not.  What do you think?
  1. 1. Cut the sashings and cornerstones for Joan's Stars
- nothing done
  1. 2. Complete Step #7 and any future steps for Easy Street
  2. -
Have made four A blocks, two B blocks and 8 setting triangles.

  • 3. Make 10 string blocks
  •  - made 4
  • 4. Quilt one QOV quilt
  •  - Done 

    Sunday, January 20, 2013

    Stash Report - Jan 20

    This new year has gotten off to a slow start for me in several ways.  After the holidays I decided to get sick and that really put a crimp in my lifestyle.  When you don't feel well, nothing gets done -- cooking, cleaning, sewing or even reading.  All I wanted to do was sleep and sleep some more.   Now, I think I've finally gotten rid of the bug and life is picking up again.

    One of our local quilt shops is closing and being sick is not excuse to miss a great sale, right??  I had a friend take me by this week before all of the fabric was gone.  I did manage to come home with 18 yards of fabric for backings.  The price was too good to miss - 70% off . I could have easily filled the van to the top, but there was the small matter of about 40 other quilters there with the same idea too and the lines were unbelievable--getting the fabric measured, cut and then into another line to pay.  Sometimes you need lots of patience along with $$ to take advantage of a good sale.  Since I was still ill, my patience was a bit shorter than usual.

    Here's my first report for this year.

     Fabric Added - 18 yards
     Fabric Used - 0
     Fabric Added YTD - 18
     Fabric Used YTD - none that I can count yet

    You can see other stash reports over at Judy's.

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    Design Wall Monday

    I've been off the radar for what seems like forever, and am still not back to normal yet.  Before Christmas I was moving along on the steps with Easy Street, but since step 8 posted,  I have not been well enough to do any sewing whatsoever.  Here's my design wall for now.   I hope soon to be able to get back to my normal routines and be in good health.

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