Monday, February 1, 2016

Stash Report #5

This was a busy week which found me sewing with a friend all day Monday, attending two of my quilt guilds for some great programs and quilt inspirations, volunteering with QOV sewing bindings on finished quilts and a yarn/fiber garage sale, so not too much time was spent in the quilting room using my stash. I did make the binding ( 5/8 yd) and hanging sleeve (1/2 yd) for the Rainbow Soul Searching quilt, so now I need to get busy quilting it.  I'm still at a roadblock as to quilt it.  Any thoughts??

Stash Report -Week #5
Fabric Added this week - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 0

Fabric Used this week - 1.25 yds
Fabric Used YTD - 24.53  yds
Net used in 2016 -  24.53 yds

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stash Report -#4 and More

This was a great week in the sewing room for me.  I finished piecing the Soul Searching top and pieced the backing to it as well.  That was almost like piecing a top, but it was so much fun using up all that leftover fabric from the top.  I also made two pillowcases to match the Retro Tulips quilt that I finished earlier.

Soul Searching - 72" x 84"

 I used up lots of my leftover black and whites for the back.  I even threw in a couple blocks that I found hiding in a box from Not So Easy Street too.  That makes me feel good to use orphan blocks that way.
Soul Searching backing

Stash Report -Week #4
Fabric Added this week - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 0

Fabric Used this week - 16.5 yds
Fabric Used YTD - 23.41 yds
Net used in 2016 - 23.41

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Stash Report - Week#3-2016

This week I finished making a colorful rod sleeve for the back of "Not So Easy Street" in preparation for our upcoming quilt show in March.  I just need to make the label and apply it and it will be all done. There are still 2 more labels to make and one more quilt to finish quilting and binding and I should be ready.

I decided to use more of my leftover scraps to piece together the sleeve.  It took a little more time, but since the backing was all pieced from scraps too, I though it was fitting.  Here's what it looks like laying on the edge of my dining room table.  It doesn't look like almost 100 inches does it, but I assure you it seemed like 300 inches. This brought my totals up a tiny bit in the used column.

Stash Report  - Week 3
Fabric Used - .,875 yds  
Fabric Added - 0 yds
YTD Used  - 6.917 yds
YTD Added -  0 yds   
Net Stash Used - 6.917 yds

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Friday, January 15, 2016

On The Needles - Jan. 15, 2016

I finished the first pair of socks for 2016 and even wore them today!!  They felt really good and don't look half bad, IMHO.  

I looked back to see when they were started (way back in October) and if the yarn information was there.  You can find it HERE   I also noticed on that post that I had started a cowl, which had totally forgotten about. Maybe I'd better finish that too before starting something else ...or maybe not. !

I've been wanting to try this new yarn that is lumpy and bumpy that I picked up in Paducah last April. We'll see which one wins or if I can stick to finishing up what I started.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stash Report and A Finish

It's been a good week for finishing some projects this week.  First up was getting the 9-patch baby quilt  quilted and bound.  This took 6 yards total of my stash.  Now if I can keep the momentum going, I'll be happy.

And because of a gentle nudging by my friend Kevin, (or was it incessantly pestering me), I finished the last block for my Soul Searching UFO that was started in 2014.  Now all the blocks are ready to be put into rows. That will happen this week for sure, since I need the design wall space for another UFO.  I haven't calculated the yardage yet since most of it was scraps from my stash, but I did buy some FQs and was gifted some black and whites (thank you again Kevin) to add to the backgrounds.

Stash Report  - Week 2
Fabric Used - 6 yds  
Fabric Added - 0 yds
YTD Used  - 6 yds
YTD Added -  0 yds   
Net Stash Used - 6 yds

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Final Stash Report for 2015

First, let me wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I've been very quiet on the blog, but still kicking.
I took the liberty of using all the final days in 2015 to enhance my stash report.  You can get a lot done from Sunday to Thursday trying to make every minute count in the final days of the year.  The weather has been pretty crummy here with lots and lots of rain, so I made good use of staying indoors a lot. Also Christmas was very slow at our house and both my DH and I stayed in pj's all day, which allowed me lots of sewing time!

Some of my finishes include - two scrap quilt backings and bindings that were given as gifts to a friends' sons.

Another for a young lady.
The backing is the same stripped fabric as is on the binding.  I didn't have much time for staging these gifts since I was finishing them up hours before they had to be delivered!

Then I got busy and put together a couple more 9-patch baby quilt tops from the many leader/ender blocks that have been accumulating over the last couple years.  I think these make sweet little gifts with simple quilting on them.  These will get finished in 2016, but the tops are counted in 2015.
This is the smaller size of approximately 36" x 42".

This one became a bit larger so I could use up the rest of the 9-patches.
It will finish approx. 50" square.

So this brings me up to the totals for 2015 Stash

Fabric Added  in 2015-   11.5 yards
Fabric Used in 2015-    145.16
Net Used in 2015         133.66

I was a little shy of my goals, but am very pleased that I held my purchases to a minimum throughout the year.  One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that I managed to finish 11 of my UFO's this year. That is 1 short of one a month, but I'm down on my big list of 75 UFOs when the year started.  I only added 6 new ones for the new year, and 3 of those are the 9 patch baby quilts.  I hope to double my efforts in 2016 on the UFO front.

I am linking up with Patchwork Times even though it's a bit late. (Oops, she closed it so no link up).   Here's hoping everyone has a Happy New Year and that you get lots of sewing done in 2016.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Stash Report - Week 51

My posting of the stash report has been non-existent for a while, but today I am bringing it up-to-date to catch up.  Since returning from the International Quilt Show in Houston in November, I have not added to my stash, but I have finished a couple quilts that have not been counted.   I mailed 4 quilts this week as Christmas gifts, and put on a binding and hanging sleeves on two that were finished earlier in the year, so they will be ready for our guild quilt show in March, 2016. That helped my usage for the year a little bit more.  I may not reach my goal of 200 yards used in 2015, but at least my stash has not grown by leaps and bounds this year. I soon may be able to organize it better to use it more quickly--then I'll have room for more new fabric!

This was one of the small baby quilts that was sent to a friend's first granddaughter in Colorado.

Stash Report 
Fabric Used - 4.5 yds  
Fabric Added - 0 yds
YTD Used  - 119.33 yds
YTD Added -  6.5 yds   
Net Stash Used - 112.58 yds

This brings me up-to-date so far, but I hope to use a few more yards before the end of the year. I'm still working on a few small Christmas gifts.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

On The Needles - Dec. 17, 2015

With all the Christmas parties and activities going on, I have not done much in the knitting arena.  I am still working on my stripped socks from way back in October. At the rate I'm gong, I'll be doing well to get them finished by the end of the year!  Where did the time go?? All those beautiful yarns in my stash are calling to me, and I do want to knit up more things before Spring comes, which will be right around the corner with the way the days fly by.  I can't believe it is almost the end of 2015.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Stash Report - November 15, 2015

It's been so long since I've posted a Stash Report and I hope you all didn't forget me. The reason was and still is-- computer issues.  But that hasn't kept me from keeping busy with quilting, knitting and retreats.  I recently attended the International Quilt Show in Houston and stopped at many cute and wonderful quilt shops along the way.  Hoping my computer issues get resolved soon, because going to the library takes more time.  Since I'm here again using the library computer,  I'll keep this short with no pictures.

I did breakdown and bought fabric while on the Houston trip, so my perfect "0" in the fabric bought column was broken.  Not by a lot, but I was trying hard to end the year with no purchases at all.  It was fabric needed to finish a quilt, so I hope to have it used before the end of the year.

Since October 4th,  I have added  6.5 yards to the stash  and used  11.58 yards

Fabric report since last posted (10/4/15)
Fabric Used - 11.58 yds
Fabric Added - 6.5 yds
YTD Used  - 114.83 yds
YTD Added -  6.5 yds - 
Net Stash Used - 108.33 yds

Here's hoping things will be fixed soon and I can use my computer from the comfort of my sewing room in my jammies!!

Linking up with Judy's Patchwork Times. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WiFi at My Local Library - A Life Saver

What would we do without our local library and their WiFi?  I know I would be more frustrated than I am if there was not a place to check emails and blog comments.

How did we manage to go through our days and weeks without being tied so tightly to our cell phones and computers.   I believe life was more simple, carefree and easy going and we enjoyed spending more time with our friends 'in person' than on the computer and texting. Now we are afraid we will miss something - a phone call, a cute joke a friend sends through your email and of course all your blog buddies who comment on your posts, boosting your day with sweet remarks -- which I will admit is something I don't want to miss.  Please hang in there with me because one of these days I will have a working computer again.   It's always nice to see familiar friends stop by and leave a comment.  Know that I'm reading lots of your blogs, but since there is a time limit on the computers at the library, I don't have enough time to reply to all that I read.  I guess you could call me a lurker now. lol

I am going to the International Quilt Show in Houston next week, so I hope to have things to share when I return.  It would be nice to have my computer problems resolved before I leave, but there may not be time enough to find someone to fix it.   So far I have been unsuccessful in finding the problem. .

Monday, October 19, 2015

Computer Problems

I'm still fighting with trying to get my home computer working right.  I am going to see if I can do a blog post from the library with a picture or two.

I have been busy quilting and knitting, but haven't posted to either linky party for awhile.

This is one of the last quilts I did for a friend and she was excited to see it finished.  She acquired the center piece of fabric and didn't want to cut into it.  She said it reminded of a storm coming. Some people have more imagination than I do!  So she just kept adding borders to make it as big as she needed.

While my computer has been on the blink, I started a couple of knitting projects.  First another pair of socks.
And a diagonal cowl.  

Both of these were from a new yarn company that someone suggested to me - Nordic Mart.  Shame on me, but I was weak when I saw the beautiful colors they were offering and the prices were so much less than normal.  

Hope soon, I'll be back up to blogging more regularly from home.  Hope you are having a good week, and thanks for sticking with me.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Finish & Fabric Report - Week 40

Another quilt is finished and crossed off my long list of UFOs.  I started Easy Street, Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt in November 2012. It is big (100" x 100") and it took forever to stitch the binding down on the back. My motivation was to finish so I could show it during Bonnie's visit when I attended her workshop last weekend here in St. Louis.  You know she does a 'Show and Share' session during her workshops, so I worked feverishly to get it done by then...well there were only a few binding clips hanging on it when they held it up to show. lol

I am renaming this  "Not So Easy Street" because it took a long time to complete.  Bonnie loves those little pieces and that give you more opportunities to mess up when it's me sewing them!  I do love the colors and the way it turned out.  The outter border is really a deep royal purple, not blue as it looks on my computer screen.
Easy Street 100" x 100"
I quilted the center with a panto and did separate designs in the inner and outer borders.
And the back--this is why it wasn't finished sooner.  I kept procrastinating about which fabrics to use for the backing.  I used almost 10 yds, but still have quite a lot left, which will go into my scraps.

Backing on Easy Street
Sorry it's a bit wavy in the picture. I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, so it's heavy and kept pleating as it was hanging.

My report only reflects what was used in the binding (1 yd), because all the other was accounted for earlier during the construction of the top and back.  But it is one less UFO and that makes me very happy.

Fabric Report - #40
Used this Week:  .1 yd for binding
Used year to Date:   103.25 yds
Added this Week:  0 yards 
Added Year to Date:  0 yards 
Net Used for 2015:  103.25 yards 

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