Friday, July 15, 2016

OTN- Scrappy Socks

I finally got started on my first pair of scrappy socks and I'm loving how they are turning out.  It is such fun not knowing how the next small tidbit of yarn will work up.  Can't wait to finish this sock and begin it's partner.  Since I am a big fan of scrap quilts, this is right up my alley. This might turn into an addiction similar to fabric scraps, which has gotten out of control in my sewing room.  If this happens, just know Carol F that I will have to contact you to see if you have a cure.  lol

Sorry this picture is laying on it's side.  I. couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture within blogger after it was on the blog post.

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stash Report and Quilts of Valor

As promised, here are the two QOV quilts that I mentioned earlier.  The blocks were given to me and the lady wanted them to be used for a veteran's quilt.  I managed to use every block in the bag. Many of the blocks were only half blocks which I assumed were to be some type of border around the proposed King Size quilt, but with no pattern of the original quilt, I did the best I could.  I think they turned out ok though.

I took the most of the sampler blocks and set them with a standard sashing between them and added a border to get the size needed.  The fabric for the sashing and border was from my stash of 3 different gold/tan fabrics,and the border is blue with small gold and tan motifs in it.

1st QOV - Sampler with sashing
With the remainder of the sampler blocks I tscattered them randomly using some chain blocks alternatively and in rows around them. There were not enough to place them alternately throughout. Since I wanted to use all the blocks I could; and with no matching background fabric to make more, I placed them at the top and bottom to get to make it bigger. I noticed after all was said and done, that the design is not centered, but otherwise I'm happy with the results.
2nd QOV - Sampler blocks & chain block

After using all the complete blocks, I had a bunch of half and quarter pieced blocks left over. These were put together and added to the backing when I pieced it.  It's quilted with a panto called "Star Dance."

The binding is sewn on and all that is needed is the hand stitching of the binding and a QOV label.
Most of the fabric was counted in last week's report, so only the binding was included this week, but the usage is still going in the right direction.

Fabric Report - July 3, 2016 Wk #27
Fabric Added this week - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 2 yards

Fabric Used this week- 1/2 yd (for binding of QOV) 
Fabric Used in 2016 YTD -  52.11  yards

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

On The Needles

I finally took time to cast on my first pair of "Scrappy Socks" or as Carolfun calls them her Frankensocks.  I used a pattern that I've made before and things were going great.  They are turning out really neat.  Then I thought to try it on to see if I could get the cuff over my heel.  Well, not so good.  If I hold my breath and close my eyes, they will almost stretch over the biggest part of the heel and arch of my foot!  I wonder if they will block out a bit bigger if I keep going?  It has taken me so long to get this far, it kills me to have to rip back and start over totally.  Decisions, decisions.

Well, it's another day and I made the decision to leave these as they are and keep going.  I have added the next little ball of yarn and will keep my fingers crossed that they work out ok.  If not, someone who likes soft, handmade scrappy socks will receive them as a gift.

Here they are with the new yarn added. 

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Few Finishes and Stash Report

This has been a busy week.  I was fortunate to have time to finish up a couple of my UFOs and even get started on a new project.

You might remember that I finished quilting another pastel 9-patch baby quilt and now the binding is complete.

 Also, I cleared my design wall of the long standing "My Blue Heaven", which is now quilted and bound!

This was started in a workshop in Sept. 2015 with Bonnie Hunter.   
My Blue Heaven 

One of my friends gave me a large package of assorted sampler blocks that were made by a lady who wanted them to be used for Quilts of Valor quilts.  I arranged them into two quilt tops and with added fabrics from my stash for sashings, borders and bindings; finished two quilt tops.   I have to give credit to my friend Mary for helping with one.  Thanks so much Mary.  I pieced a backing for one of them and tomorrow I hope to get it quilted.  I'd say this was a very productive week.  Hope I can keep my sewing mojo going for another good week.

Tomorrow I hope to have pictures of the two QOV tops.  I love what all this sewing does for my Stash Report! lol

Fabric Report - June 26, 2016
Fabric Added this week - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 2 yards
Fabric Used this week- 15.25 yds 
Fabric Used in 2016 YTD -  51.61  yards

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Catching Up and Fabric Report


It's been a few weeks since I've posted but I finally have a little movement in the stash numbers to report.  This week I got around to quilting another baby quilt.

This is the last of 4 of the baby quilts that I made from my Leader/Ender last year.  I pulled squares from the 2.5" drawer for the pastel 9-patch blocks.

My free motion is not as good as I'd like it to be, but hopefully a baby won't mind that they are all not perfectly proportioned.  Just the binding to go and it will be done.

Fabric Report #24
Fabric Added this week - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 2 yards
Fabric Used this week- 3.33 yds 
Fabric Used in 2016 YTD - 36.36  yards

On the knitting front, I finished the Drops Fabel socks.  These were started at the end of January! Why it took so long, I can't say other than I've been busy with other things, I guess.

Now, I get to play with all those luscious scrappy leftover sock yarns from Carol at The Polka Dot Chicken.


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Monday, May 23, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Today was supposed to be a sew day with a friend and I cleaned up my sewing room and tried to make it comfortable for us to work on our projects.  She called to say she was not feeling well, so that leaves me open to many other tasks besides sewing to fill my time -- a mountain of laundry, cleaning the rest of the house that I omitted previously, cutting down unwanted honeysuckle and grapevines that have grown rampant throughout our property, loading a quilt on the frame, OR sewing up my foxy block for my piecing group.  Decisions, decisions.

But first, here's my design wall.  The blue/neutral blocks are from Bonnie Hunter's 'My Blue Heaven' which I started in September last year at her workshop here in our area.  I may just stop this after I get those 3 star blocks done and call it a baby quilt for a little boy.  I'm just not into this project right now, and I want to reclaim my wall space for other things.

The other is my new leader/ender project that I mentioned yesterday.  I saw this at Flourishing Palms blog and fell in love with the simpleness of the block, but the dynamic results when you put it all together.  My friend Linda has such a knack of coming up with great scrap ideas to use up little pieces.  So, I've got a bunch of 2.5" squares all ready to feed them in between whatever block I'm making. They are like eating potato chips, you can't stop at just one, you want to make just one more, then one more.  I know this will be a fun scrap quilt for this year.

Scrappy Zig Zag
Guess I'll sew my exchange block which was the original plan to work on with my friend.  It's a fox block from Marsha in ou monthly piecing group.  We were given all the pieces except the color for the fox - I'm making mine a rusty brown   They are all cut and ready to sew together.  Guess that's what I'm off to finish before tackling the laundry or more cleaning and pruning.

Sorry it's turned sideways.  I'll show you a finished block later.  It's really a cute block.

Hope you are all having a good, fun filled day.  It's beautiful here today and hard to stay inside.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fabric Report plus a Finished Top

I got my borders sewn on this week, so now I'm up-to-date with my fabric report for the year.

Here's the finished top.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out since it was all stash scraps and I used a bunch of my 2.5" squares.  Some of those squares were pretty funky prints (from Christmas, to bright frogs, mallard ducks, and other unexpected things, but they are gone from the stash  I can't really see that it made a dent in my 2.5" squares yet. I'm hoping my new leader and ender project for this year will use use a lot more.  Come back tomorrow to see what fun things are on my design wall. I stole the idea from a fellow blogger, whom you may know.

Fabric Report #21 - May 22, 2016 
Fabric Added this week - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 2 yards
Fabric Used this week- 1.5 yards - last border
Fabric Used YTD - 33.03  yards

I hope there is enough left to do the binding in the same color.  After washing and squaring it up, that 2 yards was a bit less.  I'll just have to wait and see what happens.  I love making reversible bindings, so that is always an option, depending on what I do for the backing.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Design Wall - May 16, 2016 and Stash Report

I am combining my stash report with what is on my design wall this week.  I have been working on a mystery quilt since February designed by my friend Kevin the Quilter and finally have the top finished except for the last border.  It started with scrappy 9 patches, then added setting triangles to the corners - either one fabric or string pieced corners.  I chose to string piece mine since I love doing string blocks.

The next instruction was to put sashing strips and cornerstones between the blocks.  Since this was all scrappy and from my stash, I choose my teals and browns.

Then I added a neutral border to bring them all together. This took some major piecing together of the left over 2.5" strips.  Hopefully after it is quilted, no one will notice all the additional seams used to make some of the strips long enough.  Here's a partial shot of the wall.

Now it just needs it's border.  I couldn't believe in all my shelves, boxes, and cabinets that I didn't have a brown or teal fabric that would work. So I shopped all over at AQS in  Paducah and only found one fabric that would work with these colors.  So I bought all they had - 2 one yard pieces--not even a continuous 2 yards together!
I think it will work great with all the scrappy colors in the 9-patches.  We are having a show and tell this week on all of our mysteries. I will show you the finished top after the borders are added, which means I need to wash fabric and get them added. I'd better get busy.

So my stash report as of May 15, 2016

Fabric Added since last report - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 2 yards

Fabric Used - 5.38 yards - quilt without borders added or counted yet
Fabric Used YTD - 31.53  yards

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fabric Report - Sunday, May 8

Not a whole lot of activity going on in my sewing room these days.  It's just too darn nice outside to stay inside to sew.  I'm planting veggies and flowers along with moving wheelbarrows of dirt plus pulling lots of weeds to make room for things. When the sun goes down and I come inside, it's all I can do to get a shower and fall into a chair or bed--whichever is closer. lol

Since my last stash report back in April, I went to Paducah and a quilt show,but there has been little change in my stash.  I finally did broke my NO FABRIC ADDED record for the year, though. At Paducah, I bought 2 yards of fabric for a border on a mystery quilt, which is close to being a finished top and 2 fat quarters for friends.  Not bad considering you are bombarded with temptation everywhere you look.  I was very helpful though finding lots of fabrics for my traveling friend to buy and bring home.  You know, it's always good to have several pairs of eyes scouting out those bargains when you only have  limited time to shop.  Suffice it to say, I was extremely helpful in carrying multiple bags to the car to keep her from having to make several trips back and forth to carry it all.  I love shopping with Sandy and my fabric shelves did not have to be rearranged to accommodate anything.  I hope to get my borders put on my top real soon and show you what I've been playing with.

However, I did not come home empty handed. I bought another EZ Sew insert for my EZ Sew table so I can use it with several machines, more beautiful yarns, a ruler gadget, threads, a quilt book by Marie Boswick who was such a delight to meet plus many other little items. My biggest purchase was a small 2 in one vacuum cleaner.  I know, who would think to buy something like that at a quilt show. Well, it wasn't on my list, but the guy doing the demo was just too good selling it and it was at a weak moment, I was weak from hunger.  I'll let you know if it is as good as he made it out to be after I use it. lol

Fabric Added since last report - 2 yards
Fabric Added YTD - 2 yards
Fabric Used recently - will figure up when borders are on
Fabric Used YTD - 26.15  yds
Net used in 2016 -  26.15 yds

I'm going to stop by Judy's to see what's been happening with others, since I've been out of the loop so long. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

More Quilt Show Pics

Picking up from my first post on some of the pictures at our quilt show HERE, I've a few more to show you.

The first one is especially for my friend, Barb at 3 Cat Ranch.  She did this pattern with an added kitty in each block.

This was an A-team challenge, (A=applique).  We were to use a particular piece of yellow fabric and Judy used the yellow in the tails and face of the fish.  This was such a cute quilt. It had applique, pieced background and great quilting.  

Another project of the A-Team was to make children's quilts with pages from coloring books.  We each chose 1 or 2 pages and made blocks.  Then we had a sew day to piece them all together into tops. We made 7 or 8 and volunteers quilted, bound and labeled them.  This was one setting that we used and it was given to a charity for their fund raising event. Most of the applique was hand stitched, so we thought it a good fit for making more $$ for the charity than just a donation quilt to one child.

Another beautiful example of piecing.

Another group that  participate in is called Cover Our Kids and More (QOV). This was our display showing some of our quilts going to many different organizations around the St. Louis and St. Charles area.  The Marine Stack 'n Whack on the stand is one that I did.  That is folded in half to fit the stand, but really is sized for a veteran.

Can you see those little blocks that are above the curtains sitting in the bleachers?  Well, those are actually 4 ft. squares of barn quilts.  We had a quest speaker who gave a class on making the wood barn quilt blocks and we used this area to dress of the bleachers.

There are more, but I'm late to an appointment now, so I'll get back to this at a later time. 

OTN -April 16, 2016

I've finally finished my sock#1 with the rust/red/brown variegated yarn.  I hope the 2nd sock won't take me as long.   There is no rush now that Spring has arrived, except for the anticipation for my next adventure in sock knitting.

What's the reason I'm so motivated to finish that 2nd sock?  Take a look.  I was thrilled to receive a squishy package from a fellow knitter with some of her sock leftovers; so now I can make some scrappy socks to go along with all my scrap quilts that I love to make.  I can't wait to see how these wonderful variegated scraps will knit up!!  Look at all these fantastic colors, would you.  Thank you so much Carol for making my day.

Here they are dumped out so you could see the bright, fun colors much better.  Doesn't this look like so much fun.  It will be my first experience in adding new pieces of yarn along the way.  Any tips on how to do this easily and securely for socks?

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stash Report - April 10, 2016

Not much has changed with my stash numbers except a yard to make a matching pillowcase for my Rainbow Soul Searching entry at the quilt show.

Fabric Added this week - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 0
Fabric Used this week - 1  yds
Fabric Used YTD - 26.15  yds
Net used in 2016 -  26.15 yds

However, I can show you my finished Rainbow Soul Searching that was quilting frantically right before the deadline of our quilt show a couple weeks ago. I quilted a continuous spiral on my old standby Bernina 730.

Here are a couple more scrap quilts that were hanging near mine at the show that I liked.

 I especially like the bright boldness of this one and such a good use of scraps too.

And this was a beautifully appliqued gem.  It didn't win a ribbon, but I thought it should have.

I'll post some of the ribbon winners next time.  It's back to the grind doing the taxes. Ugh.

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