Sunday, September 21, 2014

Finished Baby Quilt and Stash Report #38

I haven't posted my stash report for a couple of weeks because I had not used anything until now.  I finished the baseball baby quilt that I purchased fabrics for at Paducah.  It is finished and was presented to Connor at his "Sip and See" party.  He was never out of someone's arms all through the party.

He was such a good baby and every woman there held him and passed him around like a sack of potatoes but he didn't cry or fuss one time.  He finally went to sleep while being held and I caught this picture with his great grandmother (my aunt) holding him and the quilt in the background.

Stash numbers (for 2 weeks)
Fabric Added - 1 yd
Fabric Used - 5.5 yds

Year to date Added - 27.5 yds
Year to Date Used - 28.22 yds
Net Used for 2014 - 1.72 in the black

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Yarn Finish and Stash Report - Week 36

It's been a few weeks since posting anything because  my life took a sudden and unexpected turn.  I lost a very good friend and quilter.  Barb and I shared so many fun experiences together and we liked many of the same things. I could always count on her being up late like me and we'd talk on the computer or phone about anything and everything.  Her illness was very sudden and she went so quickly that no one could believe it was real.  She was too young to leave us the way she did. It is still hard to believe that we were just on retreat together in mid-July.  Her passing has left an empty place in my heart and life.  I miss her very much.

I have been trying to keep busy with a lot of sewing and knitting the last few weeks.  Not much has been used from my stash, however.  But I did have some fun this week on a mini-shop hop on my way to see Bonnie Hunter in Bloomington, IL.  I picked up fabric for a backing on my Celtic Solstice (this may motivate me to get busy finishing the top) and a couple other small pieces that are for a block exchange and a baby quilt.

I also finished my purple variegated Slip Stitch Ridges socks.  I'm happy with the way these turned out and the fit is better than my last pair.  My only complaint is that I could have made the leg longer had I known so much yarn would be left over.  That is a strong motivation for me to learn the toe up method of making socks so I can use the remainder of the yarn on a pair of socks and not have leftover yarn.

The real color is not as dark as it appears on my computer screen.  They are a softer purple or amethyst color with gray.  Now I'm anxious to try a new pattern and one of my stash yarns to try my luck with the toe up technique on circular needles.

Stash numbers:
Fabric Added - 7.25 yds
Fabric Used - .125 yds
YTD Added - 26.5 yds
YTD Used - 22.72 yds
Net added for 2014 -3.78 yds  

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stash Report Week 33 with pics

Nothing was added to my stash this week, but I made another pillowcase (no pic. yet).   This is the one I mentioned last week and finally got a picture of it. Fabric is Some Bunny Loves Me from Michael Miller.

A little yardage used for binding this baby quilt.  These must be very old patterns, because I don't think I've ever seen them before. Aren't they cute?  All the chores they have to do,  A kitty's work is never done!  The embroidery was expertly done on these blocks. Sorry the picture is not very clear.  It was the best I could get and keep the colors close to the actual quilt.

Here are the numbers for the week.
Fabric Added:  .0 yds
Fabric Used:  1 yd
Fabric Added YTD:  19 yds
Fabric Used YTD:  22.06 yds

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stash Report - Week 31

Ok, where did Week 30 go??  I don't remember why I didn't report any usage that week.  Oh yah, now I remember, I didn't use or buy anything.  I was busy piecing QOV tops and quilting others' quilts.

This week I did make a small purchase of a Michael Miller fabric called "Some Bunny Loves You" for a pillowcase which I didn't get made. I'll post it when I get it made; and I used a little bit of stash for a binding on a baby quilt, picture when it's finished too.

Here are the two QOV tops that I pieced during that lost week.  These were from blocks sent in to Kevin's block drive.  We are making a dent in that humongous pile of blocks that he received.

Excuse the wrinkles - I was in a hurry and it's on a hard floor.

I also finished quilting a couple quilts since the last post.  This one had a beautiful hydrangea print for the main squares and borders alternating with pastel 16 patches.  

Pictures of other finishes in the coming week.  Soon my numbers will look better.  I hope.

Fabric Added:  .75 yds
Fabric Used:  0.375 yds
Fabric Added YTD:  19 yds
Fabric Used YTD:  20.05 yds

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stash Report - Week 29

There's been a little usage of my stash this week .  I pieced together a backing for a baby quilt.  It's now in the process of being quilted.  Hopefully by next week I'll have a picture of it quilted and bound.

My numbers for this week :
Fabric Added - 0
Fabric Used - 1.39
Fabric Added YTD - 18.25 yds
Fabric Used YTD - 19.67 yds
New Used for 2014 - 1.42 yds

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Friday, July 18, 2014

On The Needles - Friday, July 18

This week I have another pair of socks started.  They are from a yarn called Serenity by Deborah Norville Collection.  The content is 50% superwash Merino wool, 25% bamboo and 25% nylon.  I bought this yarn about 7 years ago to learn how to knit socks, but after 5 tries and lots of unknitting, I gave up and put it away.  Actually I forgot I had it and just found it in my yarn area. Since I'm starting my 3rd pair, maybe this time it will become a complete pair of socks.  I still love the color and they are so soft and cushy feeling.  Can't wait to get them finished to see how they feel on my feet.

The pattern is called Slip-Stitch Ridges Socks from the book "Teach Yourself Visually" Sock Knitting. The easy leg design and that cool heel is what caught my eye.,  It's new for me and is called the "eye of Partridge heel flap. It's been very easy so far and I really like the way it looks with this yarn.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Design Wall Monday - July 14, 2014

My "Friendship Jewels" would be on the design wall IF it was big enough to hold it and IF the two large sections were sewn together.  It also needs 2 blocks to finish a row (can you see the table through those those two empty squares)?

The "Soul Searching" blocks are up on the wall for now.  Still don't have the green May block finished; however, I'm washing the green scraps, so maybe I'll get it done before July is over!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Betty Boop Joins Stash Report Week 28

I was on a retreat for a few days this last week and played with my stash the whole time.  But that didn't keep me from buying a few more pieces to add to the Stash.  Just check out this cute number -- now who could resist this??  Not me. Also picked up three tone-on-tone fat quarters for future Soul Searching blocks.

I already had the July RBSC14 block finished, so Betty will appear in the August block.  Here is the July block.
RBSC14 July Block
Stash Numbers:
Fabric Added this week:  1 yard (Betty plus 3 other FQs)
Fabric Added YTD - 18.25 yds
Fabric Used this week: lots of 2.5" strips, Will count when top is done.
Fabric Used YTD - 18.28 yds

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Stash Report and More

My stash numbers have not changed much; nothing in and very little out.  I did make 3 blocks for my block exchange group.

3 Courthouse Step blocks for Julie
  However, I have been busy quilting several quilts for QOV and others.

This quilt is made from blocks received during Kevin's QOV Block Drive. Still need to stitch down the binding.

This wild and crazy Turning 20 Again was made by Becky for her grandson.  It has cars and motorcycles all over it --his favorite things. I used the Popcorn panto to quilt it.

Isn't this a fun looking quilt? It's called Double Snowball from a Moda pattern and was made by my friend Linda using fabric from Tula Pink.  I quilted it with the Fern Spin pantograph. 

So this is what has kept me busy and my stash has not gotten any smaller that I can see. How's your stash doing these days -- making any progress on using more than is coming in?

My numbers this week :
Fabric Added - 0
Fabruc Used - .25 yds
Fabric Added YTD - 17.25 yds.
Fabric Used YTD - 18.28 yds
Net Used - 1.03 yds.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

A Finish - Off The Needles

Finished my second pair of socks!  Finally. The pattern is House of Targaryen, a free pattern from Ravelry. I'm happy with the way they turned out, but they took much longer than normal because I kept having to rip back too many times. I'm ready for a simple pattern..

I have been adding to my yarn stash these days. It is so much fun to knit socks and I want to keep learning. A friend and I went yarn shopping this week and I picked up two different yarns to try. The 3rd yarn already was in my stash from years ago and I totally forgot I had it.  I bought it when Judy L came to town and said she would start me on learning how to knit socks. Well, I finally learned, but forgot where this yarn was until recently. 

The top left is Panda Superwash - 51% bamboo, 39% superwash wool and 10% nylon.  I thought I'd try making a pair of short socks from the toe up to wear with my tennis shoes.  These are only 50 gm balls.
The next one (to the right) is totally new to me.  It's called Diversity by Plymouth Yarns and the fiber content is 93% Acrylic and 7% Polyester (elasthane).  I did a swatch and it handles easily, but is very stretchy.  I'm not sure how to figure out how many stitches to cast on because of the stretchiness. They recommend 8 stitches/in with US 2 needles, but I got more like 9 sts/inch.  I hope it will be self striping with only using a stockinette stitch for the leg.

The last yarn is from my stash and it's Serenity, from the Deborah Norville Collection- 50% superwash Merino wool, 25% bamboo and 25% nylon. The color is much more vibrant with shades of purples and some grays.  The color is Amethyst.  This yarn is much like what I've done my first two pairs with, so I should have not trouble with it.

Now to decide which yarn to use next?  Any suggestions or experiences on either of the two new yarns?

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

RSC14 and On The Needles

It's been busy around our house these last couple of weeks, but I did squeeze in time to finish this month's yellow Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.

Here are all the month's that are completed so far.  You will notice that one month is missing. That would have been the Green May block.  Guess I'd better hurry to get it done before the end of June so I can say I'm all caught up on one of my projects, huh?

On the knitting front, I am still working on and off (mostly off) my  HT socks.  This second one of the pair is giving me fits.  Seems like I'm making more mistakes than I did on the first sock of this pattern. Not sure why, but you would think the second sock of a pair would be a piece of cake. Must be I'm not staying focused and my mind is wondering, thinking about things I SHOULD be doing instead of knitting!.   I will be so glad when it's done and I can start something new.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

On The Needles Catch Up for June 6, 2014

The faster I go the farther behind I get is my motto these days.  It seems as if I cannot get a post done on the day it's due, but at least this shows I am working toward finishing some my projects.

Here is what's on my needles this week.  First, I finished one of the House Targaryen socks and have started the 2nd one.
I also started another Faux Mobius cowl in a darker color gradation that will go with nicely with fall colors.

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