Sunday, February 4, 2018

Scrappy String Blocks and Stash Report

This week found me playing in my strings trying to use some of my overflowing baskets of strings to make scrappy string blocks for Covered in Love.  Here is a look at a few of what I pieced and they are all in the mail to Kat and Cat in Texas.  It was fun sitting and sewing these strings, and I could have continued longer if the quantity strings were the determining factor, but other matters called.  There are still too many strings occupying space in my sewing room, so  more work is needed in this area throughout the year as an ongoing goal to use them all.  Ha, who am I kidding .... in my lifetime??  No way!

Since we have a major quilt show coming in March - Fanfare of Quilts of Bits 'n Pieces Quilt Guild, I took time to sew hanging sleeves and labels on the quilts that will be in the show, Coming Home and Celtic Solstice.  I really wanted to finish Sapphire Stars for the show, but too much was going on to make it happen.

If you are in the St. Louis area the weekend of March 17 - March 18 at Queeny Park in Ballwin, MO.  Suzanne Marshall will be our Featured Artist.  She is an internationally acclaimed quilter. You can find more information about the show at the link above. 
On other goals, OMG for January did not get finished-Sapphire Stars. Maybe
this month I will find time to quilt it. It has been put on the "to be quilted" pile along with 16 others. Since the rush is over to make the show, it may find itself farther back in the pile so the older ones get a chance to come out and play.
I feel badly for the ones that have been waiting soooo long. They deserve a chance to get finished too and out of the the dark closet where they are stored. They need a little attention and love after so many years waiting. and deserve to be finished, don't you think?

Sapphire Stars Mystery 

My stashbusing results from hanging sleeves and pieced string blocks with their fabric foundations resulted in a little more fabrics used this week.

Stash Report:
Added - 0
Used this week - 2.5 yds

Added YTD - none
Used YTD - 11.875 yds  

Net used in 2018 - 11.75 yds

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  1. Sapphire Stars is such a pretty quilt. I'm sure whatever quilt you finish next will be glad to be out of the closet. All the other tops will be jealous. ;)

  2. Hello There! I'm making String Blocks for Kat and Cat as well! You're right - they fun to make!

  3. Your Sapphire Stars is so pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing it quilted. But I'm sure your other UFOs are also lovely and they will all be new to me :) The string blocks are so addictive that I'm making them as my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks!

  4. I'm really having fun making string blocks for Kat and Cat, too! It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Your blocks look good. Yes, those tops DO indeed deserve to be quilted, and YOU deserve being able to check them off the list!

  5. Congrats on your stash usage. Your Sapphire Stars turned out great. Looking forward to seeing the show at Queeny Park.

  6. Looks like you are doing a great job of using it up!

  7. Nice string blocks and lovethe sapphire stars!

  8. Very fun string blocks and Sapphire Stars turned out beautifully. Sorry you were not able to get it done in time for the show. Hope this week was more productive than last week.

  9. Great string blocks, I really like the mixture of colors and prints you used in them.

  10. I like the string blocks - they are just so colorful - and yes - get to those unquilted tops ( ha ha) your sapphire stars is lovely!


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