Sunday, January 21, 2018

Stash Report - Week 3 and Slow Knitting

The stash is leaving my shelves slowly and nothing new has taken it's place this week.  There was lots of sewing every single day, but not all from my stash.  All that I can count this week is 3 pillowcases for upcoming QOV's quilts and helping out a friend who needed a couple yards of flannel for  a backing on a baby quilt.

QoV pillowcases

Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts is adding a new feature to the Slow Sunday Stitching party, a photo challenge.  She wants to see pictures of the hoops you use or are your favorites.  My go to hoops are all empty at the moment, but here is what I use most often - a 12" round, a 10.5" x 21" oval and the half hoop when needed. Of course I have many smaller hoops if I need something tiny.  When I started hand quilting, I used a small rectangle pvc pipe type.  I still have one pvc frame that stands on the floor for multiple people to quilt.

Since this is a slow stitching Sunday and I don't have any handwork in my hoops to work on, it will be a slow Sunday knitting day instead. You all know how slow I am when it comes to finishing my socks.   Maybe I'll get the second sock done soon before the summer heat arrives. lol 

So the numbers for this week are as follows: Week #3

Fabric Added - 0
Fabric Used - 5.5

Added YTD - 0
Used YTD - 9.375

Net used in 2018 -9.375 yds.


  1. Great start to the year!

  2. I like your half hoop. It would be handy for borders.

  3. Great start for the year! Hope you had some good knitting time today!

  4. I love making pillowcases from my stash because I get a yard of stash used to report for every one I finish.

    I would participate in the hoop linkup if I had any idea of where all mine are. Not very organized these days! I even lost my walking foot 2 months ago and haven't been able to find it. Think I should clean my sewing room?

  5. Wow - great stash usage for so early in the year!

  6. Love your sock yarn. I am so slow too.

  7. Slow and steady wins the how you are combining the yarns... very funky. The way the weather has been we'll be needing socks for a while...happy knitting!

  8. Great stash usage for 2018! Hope you made lots of progress on your socks. It's nice to have warm ones this time of year.

  9. Some is better than none, right? The photo of your pillowcases is really cool.

  10. You are doing great with no fabric added this year. I like your socks; great colors. I haven't seen a hoop like your half circle before, but it looks interesting.

  11. I really like the pillowcases, great fabric usage start to the year!

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