Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Snowy Sunday for Stitching

Here we are in the 2nd week of 2018 already and it's starting to snow here.  What do you do when it's so cold outside your nose freezes just sticking your head outside the door?  For me, it's putting on warm sweats and wool sweaters and playing in my sewing room. That doesn't always means I'm sewing, though. lol

Sometimes I'm knitting or cleaning off the cutting table so I can start cutting some fabric, or sorting my scraps by colors and sizes of scraps that I save.  Today,  I whipped up another bowl cozy requested by a friend, put a binding on a quilt and finished one sock, (I still need to do the Kitchener stitch to close the toe)  and started the 2nd one. Oops, it looks like I didn't eyeball the blue yarn very well. There is way more blue left for the 2nd sock, so they will not be twins!  Oh well, my feet will never know; they will be still warm. :)
Pair #14 Scrappy socks

Microwave bowl cozy
No fabric was added this week, but a little fabric went out--a bowl cozy and two fabric gift bags for wrapping presents.  This is a great way to use a little stash and it can be reused by the recipient too.

Fabric Report - Week #2
Added - 0
Used - 0.75yd

Added YTD - 0
Used YTD - 3.875
Net used in 2018 - 3.875 yds.

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  1. Uh oh. If it's starting to snow at your house I'm in for a nasty commute in the morning.
    I like that your socks don't match exactly. Someone made a fortune purposely selling socks in pairs that didn't match. Not joking, true story.

  2. I did some of that, too. Never got out of my PJs! Snow starting to melt here, but we're expecting more tomorrow and Tuesday.

  3. Warm is good! Those bowl cozies are fun, too. Here we had 2 days in a row that were sunny. Hurray!

  4. Love your socks! Of course you know I love anything scrappy! We are expecting more snow tonight - ugh!!!! More time for knitting :)

  5. Hope you survived all that cold stuff falling from the sky this weekend. It's nice when you don't have to leave the house in all that cold. Very fun socks, I loved your comment about your feet not noticing the different colors. If we sewed for our bodies and not our eyes, I wonder how things would look? You've got a great start on the stash busting this year. Stay warm!

  6. It's a 'Dobby' thing (from Harry Potter). Dobby thinks that matching socks are WRONG. Each sock should be different. It's also a popular style with the teens currently. Hey, you are 'hip'.

  7. Your socks look so cuddly already! Nice job with the bowls! :)

  8. OK. Fabric gift bags - I have GOT to remember that one and use some stash that way!


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