Sunday, December 2, 2018

Times Flies When You Are Having Fun

It is impossible to stop the days from flying by so quickly.  I absolutely thought it was just a few weeks ago when I last posted, but the calendar says otherwise. Where does the time go?  I guess it's true .... the older we get, the faster the days go by!

During the interim I have kept busy and out of trouble, at least most of the time.

The QOV group I belong to (QOV Eastern Missouri) has ended the year with more beautiful quilts given to our veterans.  We take a break in November and December. Here are a few pics of the last presentations for 2018.  Our total quilts presented to veterans since our group started 13 1/2 years ago is over 2,850 and most are hand quilted by our group. Of course, we do accept and present many machine quilted quilts too, but those are done outside of our monthly meetings. With over 100 ladies and 12-15 quilt frames set up most months, we get approximately 300-325 hand quilted each year.
The mother of a female veteran with her granddaughter
on her lap.  Her daughter had a conflict at the last minute.

Our WWII veteran in his original uniform 
This veteran was wonderful. Although he looks serious in this pose, he was the most humble and interesting man to talk to.  He was so proud of his service that he wore his uniform from the days when he served. Can you imagine being able to fit into your same clothes from that long ago!

The group admiring their quilts and showing them off to their guests.

 Some of my time in Oct/Nov was spent quilting a special quilt that was designed and pieced by my good friend, Kevin, The Quilter. He said he made it for me and named it Goodnight Darlene, and asked if I would quilt it.  I was honored to be asked to quilt one of his original designs AND that he made it for me! No one has ever made me a quilt! I guess most people think if you are a quilter, you would not love to receive one from another quilter, but I was thrilled!  I was a bit nervous to quilt it because I felt it needed custom work, and I am not very skilled at custom quilting.  After much worrying, planning and sleepless nights designing possibilities in my head, I started work on it.  I love the way it turned out, especially on the pieced backing.  Thank you Kevin for having the faith in me to get your wonderful creation quilted and bound.   I am pleased with the results and hope Kevin is too.
Goodnight Darlene
Original design by Kevin, The Quilter
Back of Goodnight Darlene

The first weekend in November was our Loose Threads Quilt Show.  It was a success and there were lots of beautiful quilts on display, over 300.   We have over 200 members, and we try to get everyone to participate by entering at least one quilt.  I had to hustle to get a couple done in time to qualify. Nothing stellar, but I made the deadline!  Oops. sorry the picture is on it's side.
How Much is that Doggy in the Window
38" x 48"

Fun Flower 9-Patches 58" x 58"
This brings me to a finish on the knitting scene.  I started a pair of socks back in May from a squishy package I received from Cheryl at Cheryl's Teapots 2  Quilting.  She said she had yarn she'd probably never use for making socks, so sent it to me.  I love the way they are looking and am finished with the 2nd sock, just in time for the cold weather.  Can't wait to wear them. THANK YOU SO MUCH CHERYL. Picture later.

This has been a long post and if you made it this far, I thank you for tagging along,    I've been working on other UFO's, one is over 20 years old!  I only have a month to finish before 2019 gets here.  I think that is long enough for it to have marinated, don't you? 

Until next time, have a good week as we countdown to the Christmas season and the end of the year!


  1. You truly have been busy! I hope the issue with your comments is resolved now.

  2. Love "Goodnight Darlene"!

  3. Oh, wow! I didn't know you were THAT Darlene when I saw Kevin's quilt on his blog! Lucky, lucky you!! The piecing is wonderful, but your quilting takes it to the moon and back :)

    I love seeing all the Vets with their quilts. What a super way to honor them. Thank you to your entire group for quilting all those acts of gratitude. And most of them hand quilted! I'm amazed.

    Thank you for saying how much you, as a quilter, loved receiving a quilt. I'm making one for the woman who introduced me to quilting and I'm a little nervous. Will she like it?

    She's a traditional gal, lots of complicated applique, etc. My quilt is very modern, but I hope she'll enjoy that it reflects my journey, the journey that SHE started :)

  4. Hey Dar, hope you are quilting away! Your quilts look great! Marcia

  5. Now I'll be singing 'How much is that doggy in the window' all day ;) I love the quilt Kevin designed for you. Very deserving!!!! Yes, we quilter's value a gifted quilt. We know how much goes into such a gift. Looking forward to your next post.

  6. Time does seem to just fly these days. You've been very productive. Love the quilting on Kevin's quilt! It turned out beautifully. Enjoy the holiday season and good luck with that oldest UFO.

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