Monday, December 31, 2012

January 2013 Get It Done

Happy New Year to all my blogger friends.  May you have many days spent  sewing, sharing and laughing with friends and that you enjoy good health and happiness throughout the year.

In addition to my earlier posting of goals for 2013, here is a bit more about Judy Laquidara's new idea to take the place of the UFO Challenge of last year. The new game is called  
GETTING IT DONE.  We list 4 things that we hope to accomplish in that particular month.  On the last day of the month, we link up and show what we accomplished and list 4 more for the upcoming month. Come join us and see how much you can accomplish by taking smaller steps to your goals each month.  If you want to have fun along with us, click the link here.  Here's my first month.

  1. 1. Cut the sashings and cornerstones for Joan's Stars

  1. 2. Complete Step #7 and any future steps for Easy Street

  1. 3. Make 10 string blocks

  1. 4. Quilt one QOV quilt

What are you planning to work on in January??  Stop on by Judy's to see what others are planning to do in January.


  1. Your list is great! Clear and lots of choices. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Looks good, Dar! I am with you on Easy layout came out today, and it is gorgeous! So happy we are doing this one!


  3. Happy New Year to you, too! Getting it Done sounds like fun! Good luck.

  4. Good luck with your January goals. I like the idea of breaking the year down into bit sized chunks.

  5. Very doable list as we slip into the new year. I see Easy Street on a lot of lists!

  6. Looks like you have a great list of different projects to work on :*) I'm catching up on Easy Street too - only need to finish up about half of the aqua/purple flying geese and I'll have all the Clues caught up except #8 of course. Have to finish the flying geese before I can put those blocks together.

    Happy New Year sweet friend!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You asked about the alternate layout that I came up with for the Easy Street quilt that I called Taking a Detour. Yes, it uses the same units that we made for Easy Street with a few small changes. I'll be posting about it as I work on it and I'll mention the differences - mostly there is just a difference in the amount of certain units.

    Happy New Year and good luck with your Getting it Done list!