Friday, August 2, 2013

UFOs for August

I have listed my goals for August in an earlier post, but they did not include pictures nor did I specify which were UFOs.  Since I signed up to participate in "Nothing But UFOs in 2013 Challenge", here are 3 UFOs that I hope to finish in August.

The first is my string quilt.  It was started at least 3 years ago as a leader/ender project.

The 2nd is Bonnie Hunter's  Easy Street.  I still need 1 more border and then to quilt and bind it.

The 3rd  is the red, white and blue baby quilt that just needs quilting and binding.
Updated with the correct picture.  Those tiny thumbnail photos start to look too much alike when you do this at 1:00 am!.  Sorry. 

I hope to get more things done in the month, but I will concentrate on these.    I'm linking up with Carrie of A Passion for Applique.  Hop on over there so see what others are working on in August.   

Nothing But UFOs in 2013


  1. I really like that string quilt!

  2. Good luck reaching your goals for August! you are going to have some beautiful finished quilt soon.

  3. Hooray - you're almost done with Easy Street!!!! And what a fun strippy quilt. I want to make one of those one of these days. That baby quilt will be a favorite of some sweet child someday :*)

  4. Can't wait to see you finish these? That string quilt SINGS to me! Where do you find time to sew tops together a midst all of your quilting?