Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Get It Done w/Pictures

Here as I promised are pictures of my completed goals *and those not done) on the Get It Done for March.

1. Assemble Easy Street - not done.  They are still in blocks sitting on my design wall waiting to be put into rows.
2. Cut sashing and cornerstones for Joan's Stars -  not done.  They are still in blocks on another design wall.
Joan's Stars

3.Quilt 1 or 2 Quilts of Valor -  YES 1 done -  This was donated for our QOV drive to reach 100 by mid-June.  I quilted an E2E stars and loops.  There are still more to be quilted (April's list).
Top by Nancy P. 
4. Make 4 pillow cases. - YES - made 8 in the month - another NewFO

5. Make 10 string blocks - Actually made 20 - so April is done too.
6. Finish prepping applique block - Edyta Sitar's Botanical Bounty - not done. only have stems and 1  leaf done. 

7. Put together Disappearing 9-patch blocks into a top. - Done
Disappearing 9-Patch
The disappearing 9-patch was to be my NewFO for January, but I didn't get my blocks from our exchange group until Feb.  Then I actually didn't get started on this until March at my retreat, so I'm going to link up with Cat Patches March NewFO linky for March.  

This brings me up-to-date on my GID, I hope.  I plan to be busy quilting a few other tops that were donated to help the hand quilters get them all finished by our deadline.


  1. Oh, I love all of these, Dar. The colors in your NewFO are great! Thanks for linking up today.

  2. I love making those pillow cases as much as I love making string quilts!

  3. The pillowcases are so cute. Glad to see you were able to start and finish something new in March! I really like the QOV, too!! And what a cool D9P. I may need to make one of those for Christmas!

  4. Well, you are certainly being a busy little bee! Love how Easy Street is looking :*) And Joan's Stars - wow!!! I'm eyeing those yummy fabrics you have picked out for Edyta's Botanical Bounty - ooo-la-la!! Of course, I'm always impressed by how much you get done for QOV - you go girl!!!

  5. What great projects - can't wait to see your Botanical Beauty block. Are you going to try to finish it for the quilt show?! It woud definitely go in the "wow" row.

  6. Nice progress and finishes. You've inspired me to get going today though it's hubby's birthday and he loves a Lemon Meringe Pie made from scratch so alot of time will be spent in the kitchen. Perhaps after the celebration a pillow case could be manageable or one more 10 minute block that takes 30 minutes at least! we'll see. lol Jane