Monday, April 1, 2013

Get It Done

March has come and gone.  Boy, where did the month go?  It's time again to see what was accomplished on my Get It Done list for Judy's Challenge.

1.       Assemble Easy Street into a top with borders - not done.  These are still on my design wall waiting to be put into rows.
2.       Cut sashing & cornerstones for Joan’s stars - nope. I had good intentions, but still haven't got all the pieces cut yet.
3.       Quilt 1 or 2 QOV - finished one 
4.      Make 4 pillowcases - done.  Actually made 8 in March. 
5.     Make 10 string blocks - did 20 (so Apr. is covered too)  
6.    Finish prep on applique block - not quite done
7.    Put together D9P blocks into a top - done 
Four out of 7 isn't stellar, but it is some progress at least.  Maybe I should limit my list to fewer things so I could get them all done!  But that would not be as challenging nor as much fun.    Pictures later today.
So here's what I hope to get done in April in the sewing arena 
1. Finish Easy Street top
2. Finish Joan's Stars top
3. Quilt the D9P quilt
4. Bind the D9P
5. Make 4 pillowcases for the St.LCH kids
6. Make 10 string blocks -oh yeah, I already did April's back in March!!  yipee - Done

Stop by Judy's at Patchwork Times to see how others made out on their Get It Done goals. 

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