Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stash Report & Enhancements

I took a friend shopping for some fabric for a special quilt for her, and guess what?? Yes, you guessed it, I ended up with some beautiful fabrics too.   These are all Hoffman batiks and are scheduled for two different projects this year, hopefully.  The Bali Pop was an impulse buy because the colors were yummy as well as the name -brown sugar.  How could you not like them?  I rarely buy prepackaged fabric already cut to use because I'm a pre-wash kind of gal.  Every once in a while a gal has to throw caution to the wind.! :)

With these purchases, my stash report is still heading in the wrong direction.
Fabric Added this week - 6.7 yards
Fabric Added  YTD -  24.7 yards
Fabric used this week - 0
Fabric used YTD - 5 yards
Net used - - 19.7 yds

Maybe I'll get back on track soon with useing my stash, but it sure is fun to buy new fabrics. I'm still working on Easy Street and my string blocks this week, but nothing I can count.

To see what others have been up to this week in their stash busting and enhancement efforts, hop on over at Judy's.


  1. Looks like it is heading in the RIGHT direction to me LOL!!! OMG!!! I absolutely love all your new fabrics :*D

  2. Your new fabrics are fabulous, especially the top one. I have considered those same Bali Pops, but so far have resisted! LOL It will be fun to see what you make from them.
    Beth in MN

  3. Well, they are gorgeous though.....

  4. I don't see how you could have possibly resisted any of those fabrics!!

  5. Beautiful! Fabric shopping is one thing but, shopping for batiks takes it to whole other level. What fun you are going to have.

  6. very pretty! I am a pre wash kind of gal too. I am a little nervous about washing the table runner I am making especially since I used some red charms in it.

  7. Those are gorgeous fabrics! Of course you couldn't resist them :)I'm looking forward to see what you do with them.

  8. Such rich saturated colours, no wonder you weakened. I think it's ok to buy for a purpose.