Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get it Done

Well, here it is the last day in February and time to take a look at my GID list for February and how did I do?   You can see my specific list for February here.

I finished 3 of the five listed,  made some progress on two and one went untouched.  My Easy Street blocks are all finished, but didn't quite get them all into rows for a completed top.  I finished up my string blocks from January (needed 5 more) and did 10 more for Feb. I'm making 10 string blocks/month.  

Here are my 10 for February.

This is what a stack of 70 string blocks looks like.  With the 10 from above, I'm now at 80 total.  Only 40 more to go for this quilt.  You would think my string bins would be getting somewhat empty, wouldn't you.  Not even close.  I do believe they multiply at night!

Here's my GID list for March

1.       Assemble Easy Street into a top with borders
2.       Cut sashing & cornerstones for Joan’s stars – from Jan.
3.       Quilt 1or 2 QOV
4.       Make 4 pillowcases for St.Louis Children's Hospital
5.       Make 10 more string blocks
6.    Finish prep on applique block
7.    Put together D9P blocks into a top

Check out Judy's GID to see how others did in February.


  1. Scraps are never-ending, just part of quilting. I like your idea of making ten a month, even though it might not make much of a dent, you will end up with a great quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your string blocks are pretty! I have not been able to commit to keeping string sized pieces--I have enough scraps as it is and yes they do seem to multiply when one is not looking!

    Looks like this GID is working well for you :)

  3. Love your string blocks! A string quilt is on my list to do too, I have a big shoe box full of 1.5 inch strings... One day - LOL! All the best for March!

  4. Steady progress is the key to getting things done. Good Job on your string blocks and other projects.

  5. Your string blocks are coming along!

  6. You know I love these blocks. Can't wait to see it all finished and quilted. Gorgeous. Hank and the cats will love it.

  7. How do scraps do that... multiply when you are sewing like crazy? Sigh. I suppose we really shouldn't complain about having fabric, should we? Look at how lovely those blocks are turning out! You are making good progress - keep up the good work. Sounds like you'll be busy in March!