Friday, December 21, 2012

Off and On the Needles

The last time I posted about knitting these scarves here, I was having trouble with the straight needles.  Then I change to the circular ones and they have been wonderful.  It is going so much faster -- if only I had more time.

       <-----Before and  After ----->

This yarn has orange, rusty brown and a bit of grey and these are favorite colors for the friend that is receiving it.
The next one on the needles is teal green, burgandy and soft pink.  I hope to finish it tonight then get back to work on Easy Street mystery quilt.
These are so much fun to do and the colors they have to choose from are limitless.  If you haven't tried one, you should treat yourself.  I'll warn you it's addictive.  

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  1. Those scarves are fun Dar! I have quite a few friends who are making them right now, and I've been tempted, but I'm just so bogged under with other stuff right now. Maybe soon!

  2. Love the scarves! I finished my first one this week and I can't wait to cast on another.

  3. those scarfs are beautiful. I love the colour you selected.

  4. Look great Darlene. I don't know how you have time to do everything you do. I'm impressed.


  5. Your scarves look great! I bought yarn last night and am trying to get the pattern down and so far mine just looks like cones. What am I doing wrong??? UGH!

  6. Love the pink one in particular, well knitted that girl!

    F x