Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recent Audio Book

Lately I've been behind on reading books because of being too busy with other things, so I've gone back to renting audio books from the library.  I do enjoy listening to books while I sew or quilt.

Since I'm a Janet Evanovich fan, I quickly grabbed several of her audio books from the shelf without reading the covers.  I loaded my long arm, popped the disc into the player and got to work. Thinking it was going to be about Stephanie, Ranger, Lulu and Joe Morelli, I was surprised to find out the characters in this story were Lizzy, Diesel and Gerwulf, nickname Wolf, and Glo.  Lizzy is a pastry chef recently transplanted to Boston from NY City and has inherited an old house from her aunt.  She encounters two men with unusual talents and strange powers, a monkey that seems human and a ninja cat.  It has fast paced action, mystery and many humorous situations throughout.  This crew was as entertaining as Stephanie's gang and kept me in stitches -- laughing wise, that is!

If you want a lighthearted, comical and a bit far-fetched story line to entertain you for a few hours, "Wicked Appetite" should do the trick.

Now on to another book and another quilted quilt!!


  1. I LOVE Janet Evanovich!!! No one keeps me laughing like she does :*) I haven't read this one - I'll have to try it. Thanks for the review :*)

  2. I listen to audio books all the time when I quilt! I love "reading' that way.

    glen: my current one is the madonna of Excelsior.

  3. I've missed the boat here...I have been struggling with finding time to read, so I have been trying to load books on my MP3 player to listen to....Not having any luck. Duh, I can go to the library and wait until one of my kids can demystify the mp3 player for me. Thanks for the reminder.