Saturday, March 31, 2012

Surprise Visitor at QOV

This week was our Quilts of Valor quilting group and we had a very special guest.   Meet Louis,  an 11 yr. old an American Bald Eagle.  He was rescued after he fell out of his nest in Washington state when he was young which left his wing and shoulder damaged.   He was transferred to the Wild Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis County where he received treatment to recover from his injuries.
His handler is a Viet Nam Veteran and
volunteers his time to train Louis and takes
him to various events. Louis is quite the celebrity.  He performs flying demos at home games for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball and Rams football,  Veteran's Day events, has been in the Tournament of Roses Parade, Boeing events and various local and state government events.  He was a beautiful bird and so polite and well mannered.


  1. How cool! We will get naval personal this week at our sew-in, but, I won't get to be there. I have a funeral to attend.

  2. Louis is beautiful. I thought he'd be bigger. I guess I just remember them being bigger when I saw them over in Alton. Still, very cool.

  3. That is so cool. Anything can happen at one of your QOV quilt-ins, can't it!