Saturday, March 10, 2012

Retreat News

I've been behind in blogging this week, but I have a good excuse.  I attended a 4-day retreat and it was so much fun.  I was very productive too!.  We sewed 16-18 hours a day, ate great food, sewed, laughed and sewed some more.  I don't remember getting much sleep, but I'm much closer to having 3 quilt tops finished. They only need a border or two and they will be complete.  My Bernina behaved so well that she even received a special reward for her service --she was personalized with some snazzy hot pink, sparkly letters.

Here's a peak at one of the completed tops by Linda.  There were more, but I'll post them later.


  1. I love Linda's quilt. I hope it's easier the do than it looks. And your sparkly name is cool. My machine will be envious.

  2. Linda's top is very cool. Can't wait to see the three you worked on! And yes, my Bernina still be jealous, too. I need to see what I can do about that.

  3. Thanks Dar-My Quilt does look great-you took a WOW Pic. I like this Blog. stuff----going to be a wild ride! Lnda G.