Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stash Report Week 25

My how times flies.  It seems like months since I've posted anything on my blog, but it's only been 2 weeks.  I've been busy with lots of miscellaneous things -- cooking, cleaning and going to weddings, and shopping.  But I did find time to go on a retreat! (smile).  All work and no play makes for a crabby lady. Now to confess show my new stash enhancements.

Fabric Used - pieced lots of scraps into string blocks
Fabric Used YTD - 57.71 yds
Fabric Added - 2 yds
Fabric Added YTD - 73.95 yd
Fabric stash enhanced for 2013 - 16.24 yds.

The cause for my fabric additions--our guild has a challenge to make a baby quilt using fabric in a brown paper bag, chosen sight unseen.  I got a cute Asian print fat quarter to work with.  Nothing in my stash goes with it, so I HAD to go shopping, right?! :)  I found a couple of candidates for borders or some other idea.  I saw the orange plaid first and thought it would work, then a couple days later spotted the grey and/turquoise plaid from Riley Blake's "Life in the Jungle" collection   Now since I don't have a clue what pattern I'll come up with, it's anybodies guess as to which I'll use or maybe an entirely different one, yet to be discovered. 

This is exactly how my stash has grown over the years.  Those indecisions on what looks best, so you  get both.
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  1. I do like these plaids with the print! Waiting to see what you make.

  2. You are not alone, when trying to come up with fabrics for a new project I usually end up buying several pieces and end up using a fraction of what I bought. Love that FQ, it's going to be a fun baby quilt.

  3. Use them both! Very cute plaids. I never have all my fabrics with me when I shoo and end up with some mismatched pieces in my stash.

  4. sounds like a fun challenge. cute fabrics too.

  5. I came home with 2 full bags of fabric today. All sizes from almost almost fat quarter size up to multi yards of others. Thank goodness I got all my fabric at thrift stores today, for about $20 total. That is a cute asian fabric. I'm sure you will make a cute quilt with it.

  6. That is a fun print to work with! I would get myself into all sorts of trouble finding coordinating fabrics. You;ve got a good start, but don't stop there! :)

  7. I like the plaids, but that print isn't doing anything for me. I'd have to cut it up onto small pieces. Very much a "challenge." Anxious to see what you do with it. I'll bet it's better than what I imagine.

  8. I love that print, it will make a great baby quilt. I think you should buy just one more audition piece though......