Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy Street - Clues 1 and 2

Well, I finally got started on Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street mystery quilt this week.  The first step was cutting 2" wide strips from black on whites and a grey fabric.  Since I'm using what's already in my stash for most of this quilt, I got busy sorting and came up with enough to do the job.  Here on my drying rack are my black and whites cut and pressed waiting to be made into twosies then into 4 patches.

1st set of 10 four patches
I got carried away as I was sewing them, and ended up with a few more than I need. This isn't a very good picture of my pizza box full of 4-patches.

200 four-patches pinned in groups of 10
Now it's on to Step 2.  Making flying geese units with purples as the goose and black and whites on the wings.  I've got some of those cut, but not sewn yet.  Our next clue is due today! It's most likely already posted.  Oops!  I need to start flying faster with these geese to catch up.   

You can check out everyone's progress on Part 2 here. 


  1. Looking good! I need to start flying faster with you!!! All pieces cut for #2 but no sewing so far. Can't start until I get back home tomorrow :*( Clue #3 looks more complicated but we don't need as many.... yippee!!!

  2. Wow, you are a brave soul! Can't wait to see the mystery revealed.

  3. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous. I don't have the guts to do one of Bonnie's quilts. I'd mess up all over the place.

  4. I'm so looking forward to seeing it completed, I love the colours you've chosen.

    Fiona x

  5. Keep Flying Darlene. I think it is going to be gorgeous - can't wait to see it completed.


  6. You go, girl! I've been on the fence about starting this one only because of time limitations.....maybe I'll start it in January ;-) Ha! Maybe I shouldn't start it until I finish Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.

  7. Dar, it is looking great! I found step 2 to be the most time consuming so far, so hang in there and just keep plugging!