Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where did the day go?

Have you ever wondered where the day went? Or the week?  It seems like just yesterday was Monday and here it is almost Thursday.  I swear the days are getting shorter as I get older. 

Last night was the final wrap-up of our UFO challenge for one of my local guilds.  I was chairman for the 2011 year, so I planned a short program for the prize winners. The top winner (Mary Lou M. finished 22 UFO's out of 27 for the year.  That's an 81% completion rate.  Her quilts are beautiful and she does both hand quilting and machine. I'll try to get some pictures of her work at our upcoming quilt show in March.  Darla G was the second runner up with 19 finishes!   I feel like such a slacker with only 2 UFO's for the year.  Of course, I did quilt a lot of quilts -- just not mine or I started and finished a few in the same year -- these do not count as UFOs   Darn!

Things will be different this year.


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  1. You are committed now since you told the world that things will be different this year! LOL Those gals did some serious work, didn't they?