Friday, January 27, 2012

Twelve in 2012

At the beginning of 2012, I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish this year (in the hobbies category). They basically are the same things every year, only this year I am really going to try harder to accomplish them. So far in January I'm on track in every category.
They were:
(1) to read a book a month; check - Eleven on Top - Janet Evanovich
(2) complete 1 UFO per month; check - Twist and Shout
(3) finish a QOV per month and - see below (2 checks)
(4) try at least one new recipe every month - check - Cheeseburger soup

Here are the QOV quilts that were finished this month.

This top was pieced by Judy H.  It is made from mostly homespuns and is very soft and warm. I quilted a curly panto and put on the binding.  I'll make a pillowcase to match before it is given to our local QOV Chapter.

 The quilt below was pieced by Dusty P. using the Yellow Brick Road pattern. It has such cute fabrics in it --
Black bears, elk, fabric with fishing rods and fish, deer, moose, musical instruments and potting tools. I quilted a swirly pattern and bound it. Dusty made a matching pillowcase to put with it.

Thank you ladies for these great quilts.

This is an example of the labels we put on our Quilts of Valor quilts.  
Label on back of homespun quilt


  1. I admire your determination and goals for the year. I might as well say I'm going to win the lottery, or a date with Tom Selleck. I can say that I will read 6 books a month and be fairly sure I can reach it. Good luck to both of us.

  2. Goals are a good thing. Congrats on getting January's done -- with time to spare!

  3. Love you goals idea Darlene. I think I might try that too.