Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm a member of an small applique group.  We call ourselves the "A-Team".  Our exercise was to make bias strips to use in creating Celtic designs or the lead in stain glass on quilting projects.  There were several methods shown to make your bias strips:  One you sewed a tub and inserted metal or plastic bias bars to press it flat, then center the seam line in the middle of the back of your bias strip; another used the Clover bias strip maker, which folds the 2 sides in toward the middle and as you pull it through you iron the folded fabric and the last method demo was using Clover's prepared fusible bias binding ready to apply.  This is the one I tried.  It worked great.  I finished my sample and it's now ready to hand or machine stitch to the background.  I might try to use this as part of a label on a quilt of the future.

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