Friday, January 13, 2012

1st QOV finished

Yesterday I finished quilting the 1st of many QOV tops given to me by friends.  This one was pieced by Kathy W using the Buggy Barn stars pattern.  It's made with mostly homespuns from the scrap bin.  I quilted it on my longarm using an E2E pattern by EQ called Stars and Loops, then I made a matching pillowcase with the left over scraps, bound it and put the QOV label on the back.  Now it's all ready to go to one of our brave returning service men.  Nice quilt Kathy.


  1. Dar, your quilting looks great! How wonderful for you to quilt the tops for QOV :)

  2. Thanks for quilting my latest QOV Darlene! It looks great and the pattern you picked is perfect. It's a long lap quilt, so I'm hoping it goes to a tall soldier. :)!!
    You're site is looking good!!

  3. Great QOV quilt. You are an inspiration to me!