Friday, December 9, 2016

On The Needles and More QOV Blocks

I'm still working on the first sock of a Frankensock scrappy pair. Just rounded the heel and working on the foot.  There is just so much that needs to be done for getting ready for the Christmas holidays that I haven't taken time to sit and knit much.  I can't wait for some down time after the first of the year.

I'm still accepting blocks for the QOV of Eastern MO block drive.  This is what came in during the week mixed in among the Christmas cards.  I always open the squishy packages before the cards. Wouldn't you??

These great blocks came from Cherie, of Quilted Jonquil.  Cherie, I love all the different reds and blues you used.  Thanks a bunch Cherie for taking time to send these to me.

The next four red blocks are from Ginny, a sweetheart of a lady who quilts with us during the year at monthly meetings.

Many thanks Ginny.  I hope to see you in 2017 at our first quilt day.  You will be seeing a lot of these blocks when they come through as tops for quilting.

I'm linking up with Judy's OTN post.  Stop by and see what others are kniting these days.


  1. Your socks are looking great! I love the colors of your yarn. The quilt blocks are wonderful and will make a beautiful quilt.

  2. Oh there is never enough time for all the things we want to do, is there? The Frankensocks are looking good... this is exactly the style I talked about wanting to do on my blog... great minds think alike... LOL! Your QOV blocks are very cool looking... they will make a striking quilt! Happy stitching and knitting - hugs carol

  3. Frankincense socks for Christmas! LOL I have some more QOV blocks for you also!

  4. It is really hard to find time for anything other than holiday prep in these days leading up to the holiday. Hopefully you'll have some time to play with yarn soon.


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