Friday, December 6, 2013

November Get It Done and December Goals

Here were my goals for November.  I didn't do too badly, but there is still room for improvement. The unfinished items on my list are being rolled over to December.  I will get those things finished this year and maybe a few more projects that are not even started yet.  I'm being pretty optimistic, but I haven't even started my Christmas gifts.  With the snow and cold weather arriving today, maybe I will be able to stay inside and sew, sew, sew and do a little knitting too.

November Goals

1. Piece backing for Easy Street - not yet 
2. Quilt RWB baby quilt - no
3. Quilt guild challenge baby quilt - done  with picture HERE.
4. Finish quilting liturgical quilt - done - pictures HERE
5. Quilt one UFO - no
6. Make 2 more dish cloths - 5 done and 1 more almost finished- HERE

December Goals
1. Get backing pieced for Easy Street
2. Finish a few more dish cloths
3. Quilt the Red, White & Blue baby quilt
4. Quilt a UFO - by now my Easy Street is a UFO

You can check out what others have accomplished in November over at Patchwork Times. 


  1. You made some progress, and even exceeded a goal! That's good. Your December list looks doable, in a busy month.

  2. You have accomplished a lot Dar! I hope you were able to enjoy your time sewing the past couple of days. At least we didn't get the weather those south of us received!

  3. You did really well last month. Hope you've been able to make a dent in December's goals. I pretty much mucked those up.


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