Monday, December 5, 2016

Design Wall and QOV Update

More leaf blocks were added to the #2 Design Wall this past week along with the other piecing projects I mentioned on my post yesterday. Soon I'll have enough blocks to start putting them in rows. There are more blocks in back of the ones with little tags on them. The design wall was not big enough to hold them all.

My focus this week will be to organize and update the QOV Block Drive blocks that have come in recently. The postman has been extra special this past week and here's what he brought. Seeing these packages in the mail makes me happy, happy and it feels like Christmas.

First the postman left a squishy package from Jan of The Colorful Fabriholic who made bunches of QOV blocks for the Block Drive.  She sent in almost enough for a full quilt top!  Thank you so much Jan. They look so crisp and bright and will make a beautiful quilt top.  I'll be on the lookout for an appropriate backing for these fresh, modern blocks.  

A few days later, I received another big package from the group in Troy, MO. Kevin of  Kevin the Quilter was the surprise postman delivering these.  No, he did not take on another job for the holidays, he was in the area to help me with a non-quilting project. You know when you have a large, heavy box to move, it always helps to have a big, strong young man around to help.  He was kind enough to oblige.

Four HST blocks were sewed together to make a bigger block and get this design. 
Another fun arrangement of the block.

Check out Lady Liberty in this block. Isn't that cool?
THANK YOU Kevin and the Troy Ladies for the big bag of blocks.  We are going to have lots of fun assembling them into quilts when our sew days resume after the first of the year.  

AND THEN, as if that wasn't enough excitement for the week, I got another box on the weekend from Libby the Hillside Quilter with some wonderful fabrics for more QOVquilts. They were all packaged and folded so neatly, you would swear they had come directly from the fabric companies.  There are some beautiful Civil War repros here that will be used for quilts for our veterans. 

THANK YOU so much Libby for your generosity.  These fabrics will be put to good use right after we assemble the Block Drive quilts.   

The QOV Block drive is still going until the end of the year.  We have received another prize to add to the list.  For every 4 blocks you send, your name will be put in the drawing for the prizes.  Santa is most likely going to bring some gifts in his sack to add to the pot.  Wonder what he will bring next?

Here's one that came in this week.

6 Spools of Madeira Machine Embroidery Threads
Madeira Machine Embroidery Threads
Comes with an 8 page thread guide with useful tips, ideas and accessory suggestions. You can check out some of the other prizes HERE.

Hope everyone is keeping busy with projects and preparations for Christmas.  I know I am.  Now I'd better get busy if I want to get that big quilt bound anytime soon. Still do not have my house decorated either.

Linking up to Design Wall Monday.  If you have time, check out some wonderful eye candy on other design walls.

Happy Stitching this week.  


  1. So glad to be able to help. Do whatever you want with the fabric (including passing it on).

  2. Your leaf blocks will make such a pretty top! Glad to hear you're getting lots of QOV blocks in. Looking forward to seeing your layouts.

  3. sounds like you had Christmas early!!! gorgeous leaf blocks and have fun with all the goodies! have a productive week!

  4. I love your colorful leaves. Those are going to make a beautiful quilt! Congrats on all the QOV blocks. Looks like you'll have a lot to work with after the first of the year.