Monday, November 21, 2016

Design Wall, QOV and A Knitty Finish

My design wall has a few more leaf blocks and a couple zigzag blocks made with the leader/ender process between sewing QOV blocks and making my little knitting bag.

Batik Maple Leaf blocks
Zig Zag Scrappy blocks

Some news on the Quilts of Valor Block Drive.    Last week  The Perky Piecers in Troy, MO had a sew day.   Thanks to Kevin and Marcia for the pictures of the group.

Hard at work making QOV blocks all day!!  

My friend, Kevin the Quilter called and said he had a surprise for me and this is what he brought.  

Isn't this is AMAZING!!??  There are enough blocks here for 4 whole quilt tops and more.
*edited to correct #of quilt tops.
You all outdid yourselves.  I can't wait to start assembling them into quilts for our veterans.  

I am still accepting QOV Blocks through the end of December if you want to send any.  There are still more prizes to be added to the drawing which will be the first week in January.

And among all this sewing and quilty things, I did manage to finally finish the other short sock with the Magic Loop.  Bring on the cold weather.:)

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  1. Wow! How nice to have all of those blocks ready to sew into tops. Your zigzag quilt is wonderful! I love that design, but have never made it. I need to put that on my list. Love your socks, too!

  2. Thanks, Dar, for spearheading the QOV of Eastern MO block drive. And big thanks to Kevin and the Perky Piecers for all those blocks!!!

  3. Your block drive is becoming a huge success! Congrats on receiving so many blocks, and on the progress of your scrappylicious wips!

  4. Look how generous all these people are to make blocks for Quilts of Valor. And the quilts turn out so pretty for our soldiers. Thank you for taking this on. I do love your other two quilts, the maple leaf and zig-zag. I hope to do a maple leaf someday.

  5. Lots of fun blocks. I hope to get some made and sent in the next couple of weeks. The Maple Leaf blocks are so pretty, love all those colors. Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving.