Monday, September 19, 2016

Design Wall Monday and QOV

Not much new on design wall this morning.  Made a couple more blocks for block drive and played around with them a bit.  Just testing different layouts.

It's been busy around here these first few days of Autumn-like weather.  Trying to get the veggie and flower gardens cleaned out, trimming back some overgrown weedy areas and keeping up with quilting donation quilts has keep me flying from one place to the other.  But soon it will be too cold to work outside and I can sew and knit to my hearts delight in my sewing room.

I've been whittling away at my scraps for a long time, but still don't see any signs that I'm making a dent in them.  Since the Eastern MO QOV Block Drive has started, I've been cutting and sewing a few blocks when I find a little time. Nothing to report as used until all the blocks have been made for a top, Hopefully, more blocks will start rolling in and I can concentrate on putting the rows together and take a break from piecing the blocks.  If you missed the announcement of the QOV block drive, you can read about it HERE.

And talking about QOV, here are some of the veterans who received their QOV quilt at last week's meeting.  We had 5 veterans receiving quilts and their families attended the presentation. These veterans served in Korea, Viet Nam, WWII and Desert Storm. It is such a wonderful experience to see their faces when they receive their quilts.  Each one is presented their quilt by one of our quilters with words of appreciation and thanks that they give from their hearts.  Sometimes, it is the veterans' wife who is the quilter in our group. These are extra special because the men had no idea the quilt was being made for them.  All the quilts have a heart quilted on it and they are told the significance of that heart.

I also finished quilting the Honor Flight quilt and ready to start hand sewing the binding.
I kept it simple with stitch in the ditch between logs and a wavy diagonal through the middle to simulate a blowing flag.  If you use your imagination, you can see it blowing. lol

I'll be linking up with Judy's Design Wall Monday.  Take a break and check out all the great projects folks are working on.


  1. Nice blocks. Sorry I haven't sent any in. I've been crazy busy lately, and have several projects with due dates. I did pull out some already made HST's but, they aren't the same size as you requested.

  2. Are those modified log cabins with triangles? What a neat look!! The QOV quilts are wonderful...I especially like the picture with the Veterans enjoying their quilts! Have a happy week! :)

  3. You've been busy, at Kevin's and at your place. Hope the block drive has picked up some.