Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fabric Report - Sunday, May 8

Not a whole lot of activity going on in my sewing room these days.  It's just too darn nice outside to stay inside to sew.  I'm planting veggies and flowers along with moving wheelbarrows of dirt plus pulling lots of weeds to make room for things. When the sun goes down and I come inside, it's all I can do to get a shower and fall into a chair or bed--whichever is closer. lol

Since my last stash report back in April, I went to Paducah and a quilt show,but there has been little change in my stash.  I finally did broke my NO FABRIC ADDED record for the year, though. At Paducah, I bought 2 yards of fabric for a border on a mystery quilt, which is close to being a finished top and 2 fat quarters for friends.  Not bad considering you are bombarded with temptation everywhere you look.  I was very helpful though finding lots of fabrics for my traveling friend to buy and bring home.  You know, it's always good to have several pairs of eyes scouting out those bargains when you only have  limited time to shop.  Suffice it to say, I was extremely helpful in carrying multiple bags to the car to keep her from having to make several trips back and forth to carry it all.  I love shopping with Sandy and my fabric shelves did not have to be rearranged to accommodate anything.  I hope to get my borders put on my top real soon and show you what I've been playing with.

However, I did not come home empty handed. I bought another EZ Sew insert for my EZ Sew table so I can use it with several machines, more beautiful yarns, a ruler gadget, threads, a quilt book by Marie Boswick who was such a delight to meet plus many other little items. My biggest purchase was a small 2 in one vacuum cleaner.  I know, who would think to buy something like that at a quilt show. Well, it wasn't on my list, but the guy doing the demo was just too good selling it and it was at a weak moment, I was weak from hunger.  I'll let you know if it is as good as he made it out to be after I use it. lol

Fabric Added since last report - 2 yards
Fabric Added YTD - 2 yards
Fabric Used recently - will figure up when borders are on
Fabric Used YTD - 26.15  yds
Net used in 2016 -  26.15 yds

I'm going to stop by Judy's to see what's been happening with others, since I've been out of the loop so long. 


  1. Wow, you did do a great job of resisting temptation! Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.

  2. Isn't it great when you help someone else refresh their stash? I help my youngest daughter all the time! Her stash is getting almost as big as mine.

  3. You did very well, considering it was Paducah. Glad you had a friend to shop with!

  4. Great restraint! I'm trying to do the same this year, and have done well. My only purchase has been of one yard pieces of the solids needed for the 2017 QuiltCon Charity Challenge. I had only two of the eight solids in my stash. :-( I have no doubt that another insert for your sewing table is helpful! Hope you found that vacuum to be a good investment too.