Monday, May 23, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Today was supposed to be a sew day with a friend and I cleaned up my sewing room and tried to make it comfortable for us to work on our projects.  She called to say she was not feeling well, so that leaves me open to many other tasks besides sewing to fill my time -- a mountain of laundry, cleaning the rest of the house that I omitted previously, cutting down unwanted honeysuckle and grapevines that have grown rampant throughout our property, loading a quilt on the frame, OR sewing up my foxy block for my piecing group.  Decisions, decisions.

But first, here's my design wall.  The blue/neutral blocks are from Bonnie Hunter's 'My Blue Heaven' which I started in September last year at her workshop here in our area.  I may just stop this after I get those 3 star blocks done and call it a baby quilt for a little boy.  I'm just not into this project right now, and I want to reclaim my wall space for other things.

The other is my new leader/ender project that I mentioned yesterday.  I saw this at Flourishing Palms blog and fell in love with the simpleness of the block, but the dynamic results when you put it all together.  My friend Linda has such a knack of coming up with great scrap ideas to use up little pieces.  So, I've got a bunch of 2.5" squares all ready to feed them in between whatever block I'm making. They are like eating potato chips, you can't stop at just one, you want to make just one more, then one more.  I know this will be a fun scrap quilt for this year.

Scrappy Zig Zag
Guess I'll sew my exchange block which was the original plan to work on with my friend.  It's a fox block from Marsha in ou monthly piecing group.  We were given all the pieces except the color for the fox - I'm making mine a rusty brown   They are all cut and ready to sew together.  Guess that's what I'm off to finish before tackling the laundry or more cleaning and pruning.

Sorry it's turned sideways.  I'll show you a finished block later.  It's really a cute block.

Hope you are all having a good, fun filled day.  It's beautiful here today and hard to stay inside.

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  1. Foxes are quite the thing these days, along with a lot of other woodland creatures. Have fun with him... or her ...

  2. It's always disappointing when a friend cancels. It's happened to me so many times I can't count. I understand but it still makes me sad. I love that cute zig zag block idea.

  3. "My Blue Heaven" looks like twinkling stars. It will make a great baby quilt. And I really like your new leader/ender project. It will be a fun design.

  4. I made a scrap quilt using the split nine patch block.
    Here's a link with a photo of my quilt, and a PDF I made with some different layout options too.

    I really enjoyed making my quilt.

  5. Great looking design wall... I am intrigued by the Scrappy Zig Zag... I love all those brights... and I might have some scraps perfect for this block...who am I kidding I have a zillion scraps that would work...gotta find more time to sew! hugs!

  6. Good luck with the honeysuckle - ours is growing gangbusters here this year and I spent a little time Sunday chopping down. Great idea to finish blue heaven as a baby quilt and move on to something new!

  7. I really like you new scrappy project, very colorful. Good luck finishing off My Blue Heaven,it's lovely.

  8. Oh wow! Your design wall sure has some gorgeous quilts in the making! Love that blue one, and the scrappy leader/ender blocks look stunning already!