Saturday, April 18, 2015

Third Time is a Charm - OTN

It only took me 3 times (or maybe 4 I lost count) to get this sock started with the right size needles and number of stitches, but I'm finally on my way.

Since I had so much trouble in the beginning, I've changed the pattern a bit and am just doing a plain stockinette stitch in the foot instead of carrying the leg pattern  throughout the foot.  I'm ready for this sock to be finished and onto the 2nd one before I forget what changes I made along the way.

When things start to frustrate me like taxes or knitting or even quilting -- I turn to the kitchen to bake or try out a new recipe. It always takes my mind off my troubles or aggravations of the day.  I guess that means food plays a consoling role in my life.  I started with my favorite chocolate chip cookies recipe and then made several batches of blueberry muffins.  I had two new recipes that I wanted to try and see which we liked best.

These were the first ones. They used less sugar and substituted sour cream instead of vegetable oil or butter; and were very good, but not real sweet. Great for those watching their sugar intake or anyone who is diabetic. The recipe is on the 'Recipe Tab" under my blog header if you want to give them a try. This is not my recipe, but was in my recipe drawer written on a piece of notebook paper from years ago. I really don't remember where it came from. 

The second recipe was more traditional, more sugar, vegetable oil and a sugar/cinnamon topping. These were yummy too, but they did not taste much sweeter than the first ones, in spite of using more sugar.   Either recipe would be good if you like blueberry muffins!  They disappeared quickly at our house. 

Take a look at Judy's OTN to see more knitting progress this week.  Hope you have a great Spring weekend.  It is greening up so nicely around our area.  


  1. MMMMMMMMMM...........DELICIOUS! The sock, AND the muffins! Hey! Why didn't I get any?????

  2. You are one determined knitter! I don't think I could start something over and over like that. Next time you make muffins I need to come over for a snack!