Friday, April 3, 2015

OTN - April 3, 2015

Some progress was made on my Pretty Basic shawl but not as much as I wanted.  My concentration is a little suspect because the design doesn't quite look like I think it should, but I'm going forward anyway.  When it's worn, no one will see one or two little blips, I hope.  I must stay focused from here on out.

Most of my knitting time was spent ripping out my Hermione's everyday socks. They were knitting up too big with the suggested needles.  I started over 3 more times with smaller needles each time, and still could not get the 9 sts/inch that the pattern recommended. The yarn says fingering, but it must be thicker than the normal sock yarn.  Not sure what I'm going to do now.  I really love this yarn, but I hate wasting anymore time guessing what size needles or how many stitches I should decrease to get the proper fit.  Anyone else have this problem with sock yarn or their sock patterns?

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  1. Your shawl is looking good. Maybe blocking makes it look like the original.

  2. Love the color of your yarn. This pattern is fun to make.

  3. Oh dear! Your scarf will be fine - as you say none of the imperfections will be visible when you wear it. And that wonderful color will capture everyone's attention! I'm sorry about your socks. There are a few tutes on the web that I think could tell you how to tell which yarns will make up to a certain size and how to choose needles for them, but I'm not sure exactly where right now. Maybe Google it? Trial and error would definitely be too much work with socks!

  4. Sorry I can't help you with your socks as I just pick the yarn and wing it. But I agree that your shawl will be seen as perfect both because of the pattern you chose and the color.