Sunday, September 8, 2013

QOV Presentation of Quilts and Stash Report #36

I haven't been finishing many of my projects, so my stash has not changed much.  Boring isn't it?. But I'm getting close enough to count some fabric that I'm using for binding on a UFO.  I also made blocks last week for 2 block exchange groups, so that's a little bit out of my stash.

Fabric Added - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 73.95
Fabric Used - 0.625
Fabric Used YTD - 67.78
Net Fabric Added  - 6.17 yds

You can see what others did this week over at Patchwork Times.

On another subject.  Saturday was a special day for our Eastern Missouri QOV group.  We were present to help welcome back the 1138th Engineer Company (Sapper) from Missouri and to present them each with a Quilt of Valor.  Our trailer loaded with the quilts were escorted from Warrenton, MO by the Patriot Guards riding motorcycles all the way to the Centene Center in Farmington for the ceremony (approximately 90 miles.)

Here they are coming into the street in front of the Center, preceding the trailer.
Patriot Guards 

The trailer loaded with quilts
After they arrived and were unloading the trailer

The troops were welcomed and there were distinguished guests on the program who had a few words or a presentation to make. 
Here are two soldiers with their quilts and the leaders of our QOV Chapter responsible for getting all the quilts ready for this occasion.  They did not take time to display all the quilts that were given out.

Another soldier was kind enough to open his quilt for us too.

Our Mo. Chapter has presented over 1,250 quilts since it started 8 years ago.  We have over 100 ladies and now 2 men who help make these one-of-a-kind quilts meeting twice a month for 10 months of the year.


  1. Big congrats!!!! Such a big accomplishment. Love it.

  2. Such beautiful quilts! What a great heart you all have. Thank you!

  3. A bit out is always good, especially when there is nothing coming in.

    Looks like your QOV program is very successful. Congrats on that.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful post Dar! You do such wonderful work for QOV Eastern Missouri. Oh.....and thanks for including us "fellars" in the group too! LOL

  5. Oh wow Dar! That looks like such a nice presentation! And how proud you must be to be part of such an impressive group! Way to go girl!!!!

  6. What an awesome event to be part of! I have made 2 QOVs for family/friend soldiers and love to make them - think that might have to be my next leader/ender project!

  7. What a great day that must have been,I know how dedicated you are to the Eastern Missouri QOV group.

  8. What a great day that was,I know how dedicated you are to the Eastern Missouri QOV. They do wonderful work.

  9. How very special! Simply heartwarming. You can all be extremely proud of your efforts.