Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Get It Done -Results for August and new for September

Since I was a bit over confident in making out and finishing my August Get It Done goals, I'm being a little less aggressive in setting goals for September.  What I didn't finish on August's list, I'll roll over to September.  Here was my progress on August goals.

August Goals
1. Quilt String quilt - Done
2. Piece blocks for Autumn Plume - not done
3. Finish Easy Street top - needs 1 more border
4. Get liturgical quilt done - nope, did work on it though
5. Quilt RWB baby quilt - not done

Now for September Goals
1. Put binding on String quilt
2. Piece blocks for Autumn Plume
3. Work on applique on liturgical quilt
4. Quilt RWB baby quilt
5. Piece 20 QOV flag blocks for Alycia's block drive - New goal added to the rollovers.  It has a deadline, so I know this will get finished.

I have much more success with my goals when they involve other people.  When they are just for my benefit, I tend to procrastinate more often and they get done when they get done.  I guess because there is no penalty if they don't get finished. When others are expecting an end result, we don't want to disappoint.  Oh well, que sera sera.

You can see what what others are working on for their September goals over at Patchwork Times.


  1. This gave me a chuckle. My goals are always too ambitious. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I say. But it feels better when you can check everything off your list.

  2. LOL - my goals also seem so doable, until I don't do them. All that pretty weather we had in August really messed around with our quilting thermometers. Cant' wait to the string quilt all done - wow! Good Luck!!