Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stash Report - Jan 20

This new year has gotten off to a slow start for me in several ways.  After the holidays I decided to get sick and that really put a crimp in my lifestyle.  When you don't feel well, nothing gets done -- cooking, cleaning, sewing or even reading.  All I wanted to do was sleep and sleep some more.   Now, I think I've finally gotten rid of the bug and life is picking up again.

One of our local quilt shops is closing and being sick is not excuse to miss a great sale, right??  I had a friend take me by this week before all of the fabric was gone.  I did manage to come home with 18 yards of fabric for backings.  The price was too good to miss - 70% off . I could have easily filled the van to the top, but there was the small matter of about 40 other quilters there with the same idea too and the lines were unbelievable--getting the fabric measured, cut and then into another line to pay.  Sometimes you need lots of patience along with $$ to take advantage of a good sale.  Since I was still ill, my patience was a bit shorter than usual.

Here's my first report for this year.

 Fabric Added - 18 yards
 Fabric Used - 0
 Fabric Added YTD - 18
 Fabric Used YTD - none that I can count yet

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  1. Dar, I am so glad to hear that you are getting better. Glad you did not miss the sale completely!! LOL
    Beth in MN

  2. 18 yards is a lot to start off with, unless you get it at 50% off, then it is nothing!

    glen: that's my philosophy and I am sticking to it!

  3. Good to hear you are feeling better. Sorry that the world is losing another quilt store. 70% off is fantastic .

  4. Glad that you are "on the mend." Being sick definitely gets old fast. I thought about going to the BBS sale but then I looked at my overflowing stash and decided against it. Sounds like you got some great deals!

  5. Sorry to hear you have been sick and are losing a local shop. We have lost several in our area in the last year too - but the deals are good and you definitely shouldn't pass them up!

  6. So glad you are finally feeling better! Too many quilt shops closing. It's sad. Good for you for getting a friend to take you shopping!

  7. SO GLAD you are feeling better girlfriend! Sounds like you got better just in time too - what a great sale! And very smart to go ahead and get those backing fabrics :*)

  8. you now have all year to work that fabric off! Hope you are feeling better now!

  9. I'm sorry you've been ill, but thankful you are on the mend. I'm thinking fabric at those prices are worth a trip to town although it makes me sad to hear of another quilt shop closing. Seems there are enough of us to keep everyone open! Here's hoping you'll soon feel well enough to begin playing with your newly purchased treasures!