Thursday, January 31, 2013

New FO Project

Even though I have way too many UFO's to my name, I decided to play along with Barb for her New 2013 FO project challenge.  After all, who doesn't like to start new projects.  You can check out her rules over on my side bar.

So for January, my new project is a Disappearing 9-Patch.  I've been wanting to try one of these for a long time, AND I also want to use up some stash for Judy's challenge, so I thought I'd combine the two ideas.   I found I had lots of this retro plaid/checked tulip fabric in my stash and thought how can I get rid of lots of it FAST.  My first thought was as a backing on a quilt.  But since I didn't have anything that needed red plaid/checked tulips what else would work.  That's how I came up with a NEW project -- make a quilt with blocks in these colors AND use it as the backing too. But into which position to put this "interesting" fabric was the next question.  It's too big of a print to look right in any decent sized block, so cutting it up was the answer.

I tried in in the 4 side positions (to use up more of the fabric faster).  Didn't much like that look, then I tried it as the center square.

I made up a square of each, cut them apart and arranged different settings to see what looked good.

Finally I decided to place it in the middle position and use coordinating colors around it.  Since the colors are red, green, white and dark navy blue, I stuck with fabrics in these colors.  I'm also asking my piecing group to make me blocks using the same focus fabric (which I provided to them).  This will give me a lot of variety in the reds and greens.  I think this last setting may be my choice, but I may change my mind after I get the other blocks to play with.  I'm anxious to see what the blocks look like with scrappy reds and greens and whites.  The only consant will be the center block of tulip fabric that I gave them to start with.  Stay tuned for further development of this January project.

To see what others have started for their new FO Projects, go here.


  1. Well aren't you a smart cookie!!! Great idea to use that cute retro fabric in a D9P! They are so much fun, and a great swap block too :*) Can't wait to see how you decide to arrange them!

  2. LOL - I thought exactly the same thing as Teresa while I was reading your post, "Well aren't you a smart cookie!". What a great way to use that cute fabric! I have lots of fabric I ought to do that with.

  3. cute fabrics ,love the pops of red!

  4. This is really cute! Love those fabrics.

  5. I too have been wanting to try doing a Disappearing 9-Patch. My very first quilt was a 9-Patch with a plain alternate block and I really like doing 9-Patches! I think that the last setting is my favorite as well. Happy Sewing!

  6. Oh how cute. A charming way to use the fabric. Which I love by the way. I bet it was hard to cut it up. Did you save some for a border. Would be really, really cute! I loved visiting and I am going to follow. The follow button didn't work a minute ago but I'll try again. You should see my little blue slippers. I posted a UFO finish up plan for the month. A few posts down. I have been a busy poster today. I am intriqued by the challenges your doing. I need to check them out.
    Come by and see me. Oh before I go. I love your banner photo. I have a similar blog in a UFO pile. A quilt called Perenial I hope to get it on the list soon!
    Have a wonderful Sunday,