Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stash Report - Week 38

Do you ever wonder if your stash increases in size without you adding to it?  I think mine does.  When I'm looking for a specific color, I will pull my whole stack off the shelf in that color. Then I find what I think will work, cut what I need - a yard or two or half yards of multiple fabrics and when I go to put that color back, it will not fit back on the shelf where it was before.  What's with that??  I know I took away a yard or two or more. There should be less to put back, therefore more room on the shelf where it came from.  But somehow there never is.

I digress, so getting back to the stash busting this week, I made a QOV pillowcase, pieced a backing for a charity baby quilt and made 5 blocks for a friend in my block exchange group.

Fabric Added this week - none
Fabric Added YTD      - 20.25 yds
Fabric Used this week -   2.5 yds
Fabric Used YTD  -    62.83 yds
Net reduced this year -  42.58 yds

My week wasn't too bad, but I'm sure that there are some super stashbusters listed over at Judy's place..  Take a look and see if I'm not right.


  1. I LOVE your pillow case - never thought to use a red and white stripe. I have the exact same problem with my fabric, it some how expands when it gets refolded. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I consider myself a super stash enhancer. Professional, almost. LOL! :) Your QOV pillowcases are fun...I do love stars and stripes! :)

  3. oh, I know how to answer this one! Oh Oh Oh! LOL.

    I went to the comic book store and bought acid free comic book backs. They use them to keep the comic books from bending and thus losing value. 100 come in a package for like $12. I use them to wrap the fabric pieces so they will fit on the shelf. All the pieces are now the same size and I actually fit MORE on the shelf than was stuffed in without the backer boards.


  4. You are using up the stash even if it doesn't look like it! Love the blocks for your friend.

  5. I like your QOV pillowcase. Never thought to use red stripes. So nice.
    Yeah. I have experienced that wierd 'growing stash' syndrome.