Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stash Report - Week 27 and A Finished Top

Since I missed last week's Stash Report, I'm combining two weeks together.  I did buy some cream and polka dot fabric to use as background for a future scrap quilt (ha, that's funny - new fabric for a "scrap" quilt, and the one yard of blue from my friend for the border on my blue and white quilt. 
Since I did  finished the top of my blue and white quilt, that yardage was in and out very quickly.  Here's my totals for the first 6 months of 2012.  Not very much busted from my stash, but I am limiting my purchases somewhat. At least some of my good intentions are working. :)
Fabric Added:    3 yards
Fabric Used :     1 yard
YTD Fabric Added :  20.25 yds
YTD Fabric Used:  40.21 yds

And here's my finished scrappy blue and white top.  It's not perfect by any means, but it is on it's way to my "to be quilted" pile.  I've decided to name it "Blueberries and Cream" because I just bought some blueberries to make a new recipe and I think I'll go fix me a dish right now!.

 Check  at Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing on their stashbusting efforts.


  1. Enhancement sounds better. You are changing out fabric thereby freshening your stash/scraps.

  2. Yum! Blueberries & cream!!! Love that combination :*) Your doing a great job with your numbers too. I always buy fabrics for "scrap" quilts. I love scrappy, but it has to be a controlled scrappy for me.

  3. Blueberries and Cream is a very appropriate name for a very lovely quilt! And I am *very* impressed with your stash numbers for the year, too!! :)

  4. What a prety collection of blues--perfect name. Glad you were able to cross on off you list.

  5. It looks like you've done well, stash wise, using twice as much as you brought it. It's progress and probably better than I have done this year - hexies don't use much fabric :) The blueberrie quilt is very pretty and I like the blue you bought for the border!

  6. Very pretty quilt! Perfect name!

  7. Is this block called Jacob's ladder? I just love it!

  8. I love the blueberries and cream quilt.

  9. I think it looks like the Jewel Box block - very pretty quilt.

    1. Edith,
      You are absolutely right, it IS the Jewel Box block. It's one of my favorite for getting a quilt top made quickly.