Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stash Report and More - Week 30

Finally, I decided on how to piece my backing for the Blueberries and Cream.  It's not very original, but was quick and all those odd ball orphan blocks are used and no longer live in my UFO box.  Whoppie!  That doesn't mean that I do not have any orphan blocks left (wishful thinking) -- just not any with blue and white in them! This back is about 6 inches bigger all around than the top, so some of the white filler will be cut off after it's quilted.  I made the inserts off-center so I wouldn't have to worry about trying to center the strips on the back.  That is always a bit difficult when someone wants everything to be perfectly centered, top to bottom and left to right..  Now to find the time to get the quilting done before another year passes.  Don't laugh -- it could happen, you know. :)

Here are my numbers for the week.
Fabric Added - zero
Fabric Used - 7 yards
Fabric YTD Added - 20.25
Fabric YTD Used - 48.83
Net Busted for 2012 - 28.58

We are not linking up with Judy this week, but she has a new blog design, so stop by and take a look at Patchwork Times.


  1. Not sewing here, in fact I'm out of state visiting the daughter. I see Judy's blog got a makeover!
    Keep cool, it was 106 here in Oklahoma City yesterday.

  2. Oh, love the single pinwheel at the bottom of the one strip! Great way to make a quilt backing, I think!

  3. That's a great back for your Blueberries and Cream quilt. You are sailing through those UFO's and Orphan Blocks!!

  4. Love that backing. Such a great use for all those extras!

  5. It looks perfect! Now when you get to needing another back those orphans will get used. You'll get to the bottom of that tote quicker than you think!

  6. It's perfect! You know now how to easily use up those orphans. That tote will soon be empty!