Thursday, June 7, 2012

Space Station - On Time

Did anyone see the Space Station last night as it passed over the skies your area?  We went outside at 9:45 pm and according to the news, it was to be visible beginning at 9:46 pm for 6 or 7 mins. taking a path from the South West to the North East.  Well, it was right on time!!  Something the airlines could learn from NASA.  It was a very bright light and it moved quietly and slowly across the sky.  I wish we would have had a strong telescope to see if you could make out any shape or other features on it. It is pretty unbelievable to think how far away it is up there orbiting the earth and we could still see evidence of it with our naked eyes.  Isn't technology amazing??  Here is the official NASA site that lets you chose your state and city to see when the Space Station will be visible in your area for the next several weeks.  You can prepare better for viewing with a scope or binoculars. There are multiple times during June, so check it out and have a Star Gazing Party!


  1. Dang, wish I would have known that! But come to think of it, I was asleep in the recliner about that time!

  2. I'm going to look that up. I bet that was really neat to see!