Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Day of QOV Hand Quilting

This was a last minute idea that turned into a great time.  Because of the ice storm we had last weekend, our first quilting day in 2017 with the QOV Eastern MO group was cancelled.  Our regular group of 100+ meets throughout the year at many different locations and the distances we have to travel vary from 5 to 50 miles to each venue. In bad weather this can  cause problems, so we cancel when there is ice or a big snow.

But that didn't stop some of us from starting the year out with a quilting day. We had our last big group sewing day last Fall and some of us were having withdrawals from not quilting with our friends for so long. So I decided to invite some ladies that live close to my house to come over and quilt. We set up a frame and loaded a QOV top that I had pieced last year. There were 8 of us and it turned out to be a real fun day. I made a pot of soup, homemade bread, salad and dessert for lunch.

Loaded in the frame with lots of help

Marking the final border "With a little help from my Friend"
Are you humming the Beatles song yet?

All hands on deck and ready to quilt.

We made good progress on this top. I forgot to get a picture of the end of the days' progress. I'll post a picture when the whole quilt is finished.  Between all the laughing and eating, we did manage to quilt some too.

I want to thank Brenda, Coleen, Karen, Jenny, Mary, Kathy and Sheron for taking time to help get this quilt started.  Hope you all had a fun day.  Maybe we should have to another impromptu day to finish up.?

Yesterday, we started putting together some of the QOV blocks that came in during the QOV Eastern MO Block Drive. Those pictures will be in a separate post later. The quilting and sewing bug has taken over at my house this week.  That's a "good" kind of bug. Thankfully the flu and cold bug has missed me. I don't have time to entertain him anyway.!   

Stay warm and healthy till next time.  Hope you are finding time to quilt and sew during these winter days.

Happy Sewing and thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a great way to spend the day. The quilt is beautiful. I am sure the hand quilting will make it even more beautiful 😉

  2. It looks like SEW much fun; wish I were closer!

  3. This looks like a great time! I do miss how a storm can adjust plans and turn into something better - a full day of quilting. I'm sure soup and bread were just right for a cold winter day. Now, which one of those lovely quilters is you?

  4. Oh, what a fun way to beat the weather!

  5. It looks like you had a great time with your quilting friends. Looking forward to seeing more of this QOV and also the ones from your block drive.

  6. I've never hand quilted with friends, around a large frame before. I do have a couple of quilt frames, but, I haven't hand quilted anything large in several years.

  7. That looks like so much fun!!! I definitely think another impromptu day is called for - that quilt needs to be finished, right?

  8. What a great way to spend a "snow" day!