Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quilts of Valor Update

It's been a while since I've shown some of the Quilts of Valor quilts that have been quilted recently and presented to our veterans.  These are all hand quilted by the women who come together twice a month at our Eastern Missouri Chapter.

We mark some of the quilting motifs with the washable Crayon markers.
All the quilts have a heart quilted some place in the quilt and a label with room for their name and sentiments from the quilters.  They are washed and matched up with a pillowcase then they are ready for presenting.
The quilting on this one was exceptional. 

Here are two veterans who received their quilts at our meeting recently.
This month marks the 11th Anniversary of our group and we have presented just a tad under 2,200 quilts to veterans across the U.S.  We are still going strong with over 100 members and average more than 90 attending most sew days.

Tomorrow is another QoV sew day, so I'd better get to bed.   If you are ever in the St. Charles area on a sew day, come by and see us.  The schedule of when and where we meet is on the tab under my header that says "QOV Eastern MO Chapter Schedule."


  1. Beautiful quilts, and a very worthy cause.

  2. Nice quilts of valor. I really need to finish two, that are in the works, so that I can start a new one.

  3. Your group is simply amazing! So dedicated to this on-going project! And knowing that the quilting is hand-done makes it even more remarkable. You quilters are extremely talented and giving. This just blows me away!

  4. Beautiful quilts. We have family near St. Charles, maybe we'll get up that way one day. I'd love to attend a sew day.