Monday, October 19, 2015

Computer Problems

I'm still fighting with trying to get my home computer working right.  I am going to see if I can do a blog post from the library with a picture or two.

I have been busy quilting and knitting, but haven't posted to either linky party for awhile.

This is one of the last quilts I did for a friend and she was excited to see it finished.  She acquired the center piece of fabric and didn't want to cut into it.  She said it reminded of a storm coming. Some people have more imagination than I do!  So she just kept adding borders to make it as big as she needed.

While my computer has been on the blink, I started a couple of knitting projects.  First another pair of socks.
And a diagonal cowl.  

Both of these were from a new yarn company that someone suggested to me - Nordic Mart.  Shame on me, but I was weak when I saw the beautiful colors they were offering and the prices were so much less than normal.  

Hope soon, I'll be back up to blogging more regularly from home.  Hope you are having a good week, and thanks for sticking with me.


  1. Hope the computer issues get sorted out... Beautiful quilting! Love that yarn...wink wink... I don't think I have a skein of the cowl one... very pretty!

  2. I can see a storm coming in the quilt and lots of sunshine too. Beautiful!!!! Love the yarns!! hope your computer issues are getting solved.

  3. Oh my, but the quilting on that quilt is gorgeous! You do beautiful work, Dar!

  4. Beautifully quilting. I can see why she wouldn't want to cut it. It's gorgeous! Hope you can get your home computer working soon. Computer problems are no fun.