Friday, February 13, 2015

On The Needles - Fri. Feb. 13, 2015

Didn't realize today was Friday the 13th, until I typed in the post heading.  Are you superstitious?

Almost finished the Mobius Cowl that has been on my needles way too long.  I'm making this one longer than my first one.
1st Mobius Cowl
I wanted to be able to double it for wearing as a short cowl or worn as a single long infinity scarf. Here is my starting point ....

 ... and now I just have a little bit more yarn to go.It measures approx. 8" wide by 40" long 
2nd Mobius Cowl

On the sock needles is the variegated Pacific blue socks.  I'm ready to start the toe decreases on the first sock. I hope to get this finished today and be ready to cast on the second sock later this weekend.

Hope everyone is keeping warm this winter.  I feel badly about all the awful weather you all are having in the Northeast East coast.  We are getting frigid temps, but have been spared the big snowfalls this winter.  

To be inspired by more knitting projects, stop by Patchwork Times.


  1. you always find the prettiest yarns love both the cowls

  2. You should have your cowl done just in time for this frigid weather. It's going to be beautiful. Your socks are lovely, too.

  3. We like Friday the 13th at our house. No superstitions here. Nice sock.

  4. never cease to amaze me with your talents......these cowls are very pretty!

  5. Nice Cowls! Did you use the Moebius cast-on? Great socks!

  6. Such lovely projects on your needles my friend!!! Love those cowls - and the socks - wow!!!! You've come a long way baby LOL!!!

  7. Very pretty cowl and socks. When I see such pretty and useful items, i wish I could knit. Maybe one day when I retire I'll have time to learn.

  8. You are knitting up a storm! Glad you are in a place where you can wear such pretties. You can't be too superstitious; March has another Friday the 13th like this month!

  9. very nice projects. do you knit the sock with that form right in it?