Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I've Been Up To

It's been a bit since I've posted so to catch up on what's been going on in my little corner.  Last week I received my very first "Box of Fun" from The Loopy Ewe.

You remember all those wonderful boxes that Judy at Patchwork Times and Denise from JustStitchin receive all the time. After seeing what fun they were having, I just had to get in on all the fun.  Come back Friday to see what came in my box."

On another topic--uninvited troublemakers, we have been having some major problems with one or more raccoons and groundhogs around our place.  Finally after enticing them with apple slices dipped in peanut butter, I have managed to relocate one sweet little raccoon to new dwellings (I forgot to get his mug shot) and this not so friendly fellow - Mr/Mrs. Groundhog.  How do you tell which?  I asked if he was the famous Phil from PA, but he didn't reply, so he's probably not the "famous" one.  He doesn't look very big in this cage, but he was huge and heavy to carry and put in the trunk of the car for his trip elsewhere.  This Have-A-Heart cage has paid for itself 10 times over.  Sure glad we have it.

Another activity that has kept me busy has been receiving more QOV tops and getting them ready for quilting.
This one is from Mary C.
It's a simple design, but very striking.  The gold stars are machine appliqued.

Debbie B. made this top and it came with a backing and matching binding.  Another easy pattern but very effective.

Thank you ladies for taking the time to make such nice quilt tops for our veterans.  It is so nice to receive and see such wonderful expressions of gratitude for what our soldiers have sacrificed for our liberties and way of life that we enjoy.

And I finished quilting two scrap quilts for a friend.  She made 3 large quilts from similar leftover scraps
Allegro layout
Chinese Coins
Need to get off this computer and get to work.  Have a Happy Wednesday.


  1. Well, you have been busy!!!! That groundhog doesn't look nearly friendly enough to be the famous Phil.... probably a distant black sheep, uh, groundhog in the family LOL!!! I am SO jealous of your Box of Fun!!! I still haven't ordered anything from them yet, but once I get my smallish stash worked up, I'll be hitting them too :) Can't wait to see your goodies!!!! I'll have to get my new yarn thrills vicariously through you :*)

  2. Look at all of these beautiful crappy quilts! I love all of them, but, you are right! The one with the appliqued stars is VERY striking! I didn't realize you had caught that many vermin on your property? That's a really big woodchuck!

  3. Beautiful quilts! The QOV's are perfect.