Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Added Stash from Missouri Star Quilt Company

Here is what caused my stash report to head in the wrong direction last week.  I think I have to blame Bonnie Hunter for most of these additions.  Her mystery quilt is starting the day after Thanksgiving, and my stash was short on some of the colors she suggested.  The rest was a bargin and too good to pass up (a layer cake from Free Spirit - T.W. Roses), it was the "Daily Special".  If you know anything about the Missouri Star, you know that they have the BEST daily specials.  Yes, and everyday there is some temptation that is hard to resist.  Could you pass up a 50% to 75% off price on jelly rolls, or layer cakes, or cinnamon buns?  I didn't think so.  Me neither!  Cinnamon buns are one my favorite pastries from the bakery.  Haven't tried the fabric kind yet.

The layer cake on the left is scheduled to be made into a comfort quilt for a relative that has been diagnosed with cancer.  I hope to use a very simple and quick pattern this week at a retreat, so she can use it during her treatment.

Here were a couple more quilts that were on display in the shop that caught my eye.  I didn't get the pattern names and fabrics used, but they look quick and easy to do.
Made using a patriotic layer cake

Such a cute and easy baby quilt

Modern Circles


  1. Wish it weren't so far away so we could go back again and again!

  2. I am just wondering if the 'Cinnamon Bun' roll is gluten free...LOL...if not I will have to go with the Fabric kind. I've been thinking about doing Bonnie Hunters next mystery quilt...sure do like your choices. Very sweet and thoughtful of you to make a comfort quilt for your relative....layer cake is so comforting...both in fabric and flour.

    Enjoyed my visit today....Sue CollectInTexas Gal

  3. That shop looks so dangerous...especially with those purple bags...It is OK to add to stash for a certain project, right?? It helps us use the rest of it, right?? I completely understand...I have been trying to "shop my stash" here lately. I did so well in making more oom in the quilt cave over the summer...must-keep-more-from-piling-up! (said while teeth were clinched, can't you tell?) Thanks for reminding about Bonnie's upcoming mystery...THIS year I hope to participate! Teresa :o)

  4. Hey Dar, Those additions for Bonnie's mystery look scrumptious!! Hope I don't have to add fabrics this year. Those quilts from the shop look nice and fast and easy. Love, love Missouri Star and all of their videos. Haven't tried their daily specials.

  5. We surely did have fun! I like all of those quilts too!

  6. Sounds a lot of what you bought will go right back out, so that's not a bad way to add to the stash. It will help you use up other stash, so it's all good right?