Monday, October 14, 2013

Stash Report Week 41

My stash report would be the same as last week if it were not for a generous gift from a friend.  I had this plastic salad bowl that had been a special purchase years ago, and I filled it with some pickled cucumber slices that I gave to a friend.  When she returned the bowl back to me, she filled it with fat quarters to resemble a salad.  There are various shades of greens to resemble lettuce, spinach, chard, kale; purple for eggplant or purple cabbage, red and orange - tomatoes, peppers, carrots and even one that has chili peppers on it.  I LOVE IT!!  This had been the original packaging when I first purchased this container about 7 years ago and she remembered.  What a wonderful surprise.  She is a very special and  thoughtful friend who is always doing things like this for people.  Thank you so much Jeanne.

Here are my numbers this week.  I'm back in the red again.  Time to get busy "finishing" something.

Fabric Added - 3 yards 
Fabric Used  - 0
YTD fabric Added -  87.95 yds
YTD fabric Used -    86.11 yds
Net Stashed in 2013-  -1.84

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  1. What a sweet way to get back in the red - adorable! If we get some rain, maybe it will help us finish a project or two. The weather was so nice last week, I just couldn't stay in the house.

  2. What a wonderful way for the stash to increase when a person receives such a nice thank-you and wonderful presentation.