Sunday, October 27, 2013

Finishes and Stash Report - Week 43

My stash report changed a bit this week. I bought a yard for a specific use and made a binding for a QOV quilt to use a half yard and gave 3/4 yd to a friend, so there's a little movement.  I'm still adding more to my stash than used this year, but when the cold weather sets in and I've caught up on my customer quilts, then I am planning to use lots of yardage from my stash.  There is still 2 months left to get out of the red!!

Fabric Added - 1 yard
Fabric Used - 1.25 yds
YTD Fabric Added - 88.95 yds
YTD Fabric Used - 87.36 yds
Net Added for 2013 - 1.59 yds.

Now for some positive accomplishments this week.  Here are a couple quilts that I quilted for friends. Their "finished" lists are looking a whole lot better than mine. lol

Irish chain by Becky 
Her granddaughter picked out the fabric she wanted.  It had pictures and scenes from Paris.She loves pink and black and anything French.This had poodles, the Eiffel Tower and little sidewalk cafe scenes.

A Christmas "Pick Up Sticks" pattern
Hop on over to Judy's to see more stash reports for the week.  Hope you are making lots of progress on using your stash.


  1. Beautiful work as usual Dar! Will Houston hurt or help your stash? LOL

  2. Moving in the right direction - yeah! - although, you're barely in the red. Lovely finished for your friends. What we all do without our LA quilters, huh? My own UFO list would be a lot longer for sure.