Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stash Report/Enhancements - Week 11

This week I found myself enhancing my stash again!!  When will it stop and start going in the other direction???  Only time will tell.  The LQS where I worked is closing and I can't pass up a good sale.  I picked up these fun fabrics - Peace & Love symbols circa 60's, and Save the Planet to use in pillowcases and the bright orange actually goes with both for accents.

Also saw this cute sunflowers border fabric that would make a cute table runner for my kitchen island. Now to just find the time to sew all these into finished projects.! 
With these purchases, my stash is still going in the wrong direction, but hey, it's so much fun to bring in new fabric to add to the mix!

Mumbers for this week:
Fabric added            - 7 yards
Fabric Added in 2013 - 45.7 yds

Fabric used this week - 1 yd  (borders on my D9P, almost a finished top)
Fabric used YTD     -  17 yds

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  1. Pretty additions! It is so hard to pass up good prices when you do lots of charity sewing. Those sunflowers are so cheerful!

  2. You're right; how can you pass on a good sale? The first fabrics are so sweet! I'm on a negative decline too. A lot of it is buying for current quilts, so I hope to see it decrease as I finish those quilts. One can hope.

  3. Those are some seriously cute fabrics!!

  4. Definitely not the "wrong" direction LOL!!! You've added some real keepers there girlfriend :*)

  5. Oh, how sad that the shop is closing. Nice fabric buys though.